A Day for GDSTEM

October 24, 2019

On 24th September, our Year 8 STEM ambassadors attended the GDST’s inaugural GDSTem Conference at Imperial College London. This event, specifically aimed at GDST girls in Year 8, was designed to communicate the diversity and value of STEM careers, and enable girls to develop the confidence and leadership skills to promote STEM in their own school as STEM Student Ambassadors.

The event featured some of the best and brightest women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths in a series of inspirational lectures and workshops.

Throughout the day, there was a focus on networking, collaboration and communication which equipped girls with the tools they  need to act as champions for STEM futures. Here’s what some of the girls had to say about their STEM-tastic excursion.

“GDSTEM saw budding female Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and Mathematicians from all over the country unite for one big Science adventure. We were treated to many exciting and inspiring lectures on subjects we didn’t even know existed. Our first lecture was from the first ever British Astronaut to go into space, Helen Sharman. Throughout the day we were reminded of how much science benefits your life but more importantly; how girls can do STEM too. It was a day we won’t forget and we can’t wait to apply what we learned to our futures.”  Emmy Dobson
“For our carousel activities, we were put into groups: Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. I was in Oxygen and, first, learned about Rolls-Royce engines and how a plane’s wing was made. Later, I was given a lecture about the role of a Bioengineer and their wide-ranging responsibilities such as fixing bones and ligaments. We were given fascinating thermal rulers which turned a different colour depending on how warm our fingers were. Our final talk was about Geoscience which informed us about the layers of rocks to make oil and fossil fuels. Overall, my experience was amazing because I was able to meet inspirational women and think more deeply about STEM careers for the future.” Shannon Leung

“I loved hearing the first British astronaut speak and learn about her journey as well as attending three amazing lectures that informed us about career routes I’d never known existed. There is so much potential for bringing STEM to life at NHSG and I hope that we can bring back the buzz we felt on the day for the benefit of other girls.” Megan Huggins

“The GDSTEM trip was really interesting as there were so many inspiring people there to help us develop our passions in STEM subjects. My favourite talk was the one we had from the first British astronaut, Helen Sharman. It was fascinating to hear about her previous job at a chocolate factory and insights such as the way food works in zero gravity conditions! I also found the Bioengineering talk brilliant as I never realised things like making prosthetics could be associated with science! Overall, it was really fun as well as informative.” Betsy Reed

“I would like to thank our teachers for taking us to the event, I am so happy that I am part of the GDSTEM ambassadors group. The event was truly inspiring and the talks were amazing. My favourite was Helen Sharman and her speech about her journey of becoming an astronaut. I wish we could bring all the speakers back to NHSG so that everyone can be equally mesmerised by their talks!”  Laxmi Malhotra

It certainly sounds like Helen Sharman (pictured top right) was a firm favourite with the girls! We look forward to learning more about our STEM ambassadors in our next STEM feature for In the Picture and how they have applied their new knowledge to their role at NHSG.