NHSG - A focus on observation in Year 4

A focus on observation in Year 4

October 24, 2019

Junior School have recently achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark, Gilt Standard, following some amazing Science initiatives led by Miss Williams. During some of the training sessions, provided by the university, an array of scientific skills were examined. Year 4 have been focused on improving one particular aspect of their ‘Scientific Superpower Skills’: observation.

After emptying a fruit tea-bag into a glass of water, the girls observed very closely and verbalised their thoughts as to what they thought would occur.

“Before we did it I thought the water would just turn red. After watching it, I wanted to find out why some bits floated; why some sank down and even why some bits went back up again!” commented Katie Humpish.

“It reminded me of a lava lamp,” said Rebecca Sharp.

“After a few seconds I could see some of the particles sink to the bottom and a bit of red seeping through the water,” wrote Aarya Shastri.

“After a few minutes I observed the liquid had some flakes floating forth and back. They swiftly fell down but floated back up,” stated Charlotte Wright.

The girls watched closely then repeated this process via the slow motion film they took of the experiment, using their new iPads. The level of detail they later described was incredible.

The girls found recording their work pictorially and articulating their verbal observations on paper quite a challenge but after some careful consideration they succeeded in creating their Scientific report. You can see some super examples of drawings on the next page.

By making systematic and careful observations and recording their findings using simple scientific language and diagrams, the girls are developing important aspects of being able to work scientifically.