NHSG - A Level Results Day 2021: Chloe’s Moment In History

A Level Results Day 2021: Chloe’s Moment In History

August 10, 2021

Chloe Summers was “over the moon” when she opened her A Level Results envelope this morning, to discover she had achieved a sensational three A*s. “I walked into school this morning with such butterflies but it’s just such a relief to know my hard work has paid off.”

Chloe will be heading to Newcastle University to study History, a subject she realised her true passion for after a deeply moving trip to Auschwitz concentration camp in Birkenau. “It was during this experience that I decided I wanted to explore the past further. I am delighted to be studying History in Newcastle, a city which is so rich in history itself.” With most universities only offering virtual tours, she feels lucky she is so familiar with the campus already, having seen it many times in the city centre.

While Chloe says she is looking forward to the changes that living in Halls will bring about, she is happy to be staying close to home after what has been a rather turbulent year. “I think it will be comforting knowing that I am still near family. I will miss school a lot and I’ll be running back through the gates at the very next opportunity!”

You will always be welcome at NHSG, Chloe! Good luck with your next chapter and it sounds like we’ll see you at the Carol Service at Christmas!