NHSG - A very merry morning with the Early Years

A very merry morning with the Early Years

December 20, 2020

The Nativity story is such an exciting one for young children to learn about. The work leading up to the play focussed on countries and the setting in which the story took place.

We discussed in detail whether the story was from recent times or a long time ago. We then talked about advent and the girls created a calendar and learnt why we count down to Christmas. The girls explored the Nativity story further through the lyrics from the songs and acted out the main characters in the role play area where the relevant props were introduced to consolidate their understanding.

The EYFS Nativity at Chapman House on 12th December opened with a song to welcome the huge audience of friends and family into the story. Different girls took to the stage to tell the all-important narrative, demonstrating their confidence and understanding by speaking their words so clearly. Mary (Freya Brignall), Joseph (Anya Niven) and the donkey (Yasmin Egred) were so entertaining, particularly as they went about their journey to find a room to stay!

The leading Angels played by Grace Ledgerwood and Thensia Sinthujan were supported so well by the rest of the rhythmic Nursery angels.

The singing by all of the girls, both on-stage individually and as a whole group, was outstanding and made for some really uplifting performances.

Nursery and Reception demonstrated all the characteristics that make them effective learners; independent, confident, composed, communicative, courageous and collaborative NHSG girls.

The girls asked the audience to partake in a final rendition of We Wish You A Merry Christmas to conclude the Nativity and there was a wonderful feeling of Christmas cheer to end a very special term.