NHSG - An overwhelming outcome for Lily

An overwhelming outcome for Lily

August 22, 2019

Nerves were replaced with joy for Lily Eckford as she collected a set of top grades at GCSE today.

The Newcastle High pupil said she was ’feeling quite good and a little overwhelmed’ about the outcome.

Lily said: ‘I haven’t really thought about results over the summer holidays, until today and I then got really nervous on our way here. I hid with my Mum at the back of the Hall to open my results envelope. I was really shocked and really happy to read what I had achieved. Thinking back to exams I didn’t think I had done too well and I never dreamed that I would get grade 9s!”

“I am now excited for Sixth Form and am glad to be putting Year 11 behind me and to be able to focus on a smaller number of subjects.

“I was originally considering Maths, History and Music at A Level but am now thinking that I should take Chemistry instead of Music because I got such a good grade at GCSE. If I don’t take Music A Level I will continue to be an active part of the Music co-curricular activity in School as I love performing and composing.  I don’t yet know what I want to do in the future so I want to take a mix of subjects that I know I can do well in.”