NHSG - By Land, Sea and Air for Senior School STEM Club

By Land, Sea and Air for Senior School STEM Club

October 14, 2022

With no challenge too big for the NHSG pupils, girls who attend the NHSG’s weekly STEM Club had their creative engineering skills put to the test as they explored means of travel by land, sea and air (and space).

The first engineering challenge was to design the best paper boat, next up was to create rockets and launch them to see whose travelled furthest. Then the girls designed and made their own cars and raced them to determine whose compressed air-powered car could cover the greatest distance. The winner was Martha, whose car travelled the furthest along the science corridor – which is quite someway considering we have a lot of Science Labs!

What goes up, must come down (or so the saying goes), so the girls also designed and made their own parachutes. Each parachute gently cradled a mini-muffin and was launched from the balcony and down into the School’s Main Hall. The girls did a great job of ensuring that the mini-muffins fell gracefully to the floor with the help of their excellently engineered parachutes!

Challenging, memorable and great fun – all the ingredients for excellent learning and developing a love for all things STEM.

STEM Club at Senior School is held every Tuesday at 12.30 p.m. and is open to all Senior School girls.