NHSG - Creativity across Year 1

Creativity across Year 1

October 20, 2020

Girls in Year 1 have been thoroughly engaged during their weekly Art and Dance lessons which ensure that they are developing their creative skills with confidence.

Art lessons have taken place indoors and outdoors, making the most of Junior School’s beautiful grounds. The girls have been putting their drawing skills into practice, taking inspiration from both observation and their imagination. They have embraced the opportunity of exploring charcoal as a creative tool, which they used to draw their own homes. They have also used watercolours and a variety of brush techniques to produce Autumnal pictures. All these wonderful pieces of artwork are now displayed around the classroom which has given it a beautifully seasonal feel.

Creativity in an outdoor setting has been in abundance too. After researching Andy Goldsworthy sculptures, the girls were very excited at the prospect of collecting natural materials to create their very own land art. They worked in small groups to produce these striking sculptures and demonstrated strong communication and cooperation skills too.

The girls have displayed an equally enthusiastic approach to Dance lessons this term, coming up with imaginative ideas and exhibiting careful control and coordination when performing movements. They were also able to express mood and feelings during their dances and have particularly enjoyed using streamers for our focus on patterns. The girls have taken real pride in their performances in front of their peers, evidenced by smiles of delight throughout lessons in the Mauritia Hall. It has been a pleasure to see their confidence levels soar throughout this term and we look forward to seeing them improve even further after a well-deserved week of rest.