NHSG - Emma’s all-girls’ education sparked her passion for putting feminism into politics

Emma’s all-girls’ education sparked her passion for putting feminism into politics

August 18, 2022

One day we might be watching Emma Gibson debating the big questions of the day in Parliament as an MP, or talking into a microphone on College Green as a political journalist. With a full set of A*s in the bag (English Literature, Politics and History) she’s heading off to Edinburgh to study Politics – the subject she’s had her heart set on since Year 9.

Emma said: “I’ve been doing debating since year 9, and I joined Newcastle City Youth Council in year 10, too. In fact, with NHSG I went to Edinburgh University before starting my GCSEs for a debating competition and I loved it, so I took part in a lot more of them since then. I feel as though politics has become a big part of my life.”

With a strong passion for the topic, Emma believes that being able to take three subjects that were so important to her chosen career really helped her succeed. “I really love the subjects I took at A Level – there’s a lot of overlapping of the themes that link all of them together, they kind of assist each other.”

While Emma’s got a strong interest in politics, she wasn’t convinced her A-Level had gone so well. She added: “I must’ve only got about three hours sleep last night. I didn’t think Politics had gone very well, I had no idea what to expect. So I’m really pleased with my results.”

We asked Emma what might be the first thing that she tackles in her future political career? She said: “Coming from an all-girls school women’s issues are really important to me, so I come from a feminist stand point. But also environmental issues aren’t really prioritised at the moment and I feel they should be. Not least because developments in renewable energy, for example, can help ease the pressure of the cost of living crisis. It all links together.”

Moving to a city as cultural as Edinburgh is also a big plus for Emma, who, in addition to pursuing her political interests, is also a big fan of the performing arts and a regular visitor to the Fringe.

Watch this space – we get the feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from Emma when her political career takes off!