NHSG - Emma’s GCSE preparation reaps phenomenal results

Emma’s GCSE preparation reaps phenomenal results

August 24, 2023
Celebrating a phenomenal seven grade 9s and grade four grades 8s, Emma says her planned revision schedule kept her on track in the lead up to her GCSE examinations.

She said: “The exam period was stressful and with my first exam just after Easter it was a long time to keep focused. My organised schedule helped a lot as did my Mum.”

As well as providing the usual parental support during the exam period, Mrs Cowie also helped by listening to Emma recounting and talking through her past paper practices.

“I learned a huge amount myself, and reminded myself of a lot of what I had forgotten too!” says Mrs Cowie who is delighted with Emma’s GCSE achievements.

Emma’s GCSE results put her on a very firm foundation for Sixth Form at NHSG where she will be taking Physics, Maths, Further Maths and German.

Emma explained: “I chose these subjects because I find them really interesting and easy to learn so they seemed to be a logical choice. I am considering a degree in Computer Science, Maths or in Languages.”

The recent school trip to Berlin helped in her decision to take German at A Level.  Emma said: “I like the German sentence structure and also the country is so interesting.”

With the new school year just two weeks away, Emma is looking forward to being able to focus her studies on the subjects she really enjoys as well as the independent study aspects. She’s already thinking about her Extended Project Qualification where she is planning to explore the difference between AI and human Intelligence.

Alongside her academic studies, Emma will be taking full advantage of the schools co-curricular programme with Netball, Badminton, Football, Hockey, school musical, Piano and Gold D of E all featuring.

With so much to fit in, Emma’s skills in creating an organised schedule are going to be very useful for Sixth Form too!