NHSG - GCSE Celebrations for Catherine

GCSE Celebrations for Catherine

August 25, 2023

Catherine Brettell was still taking it all in on GCSE results day as her results envelope revealed an outstanding set of grades – four 9s, five 8s and a 7.

She said: “My GCSEs have been out of mind for most to the summer but obviously I have been thinking about them more over the past few days. I am particularly pleased with my 9 in Geography and grade 8 in Chemistry!”

Catherine also took a moment to praise her teachers who helped her achieve such great grades: “They are always involved and dedicated to you doing well,  They want you to do as well as you do so I am very grateful.”

Now Catherine is looking forward to studying her chosen A Level subjects of Biology, Geography and Psychology in more depth in NHSG’s Sixth Form. She explained more: “I enjoy trying to learn how things work so these subjects appeal to me. Biology and Geography are my favourite subjects and my older sister Eleanor studied Psychology A Level here at NHSG and now also at University so she gave the course a glowing review.”

Without a firm decision on what the future beyond Sixth Form holds, Catherine is planning on enjoying Sixth Form and seeing where the next two years take her.

She’ll be focusing on her studies and her love for Drama and Singing. “I’ll definitely be auditioning for next year’s School Musical Legally Blonde where I would love to be Emmett.”