NHSG - GCSE Results 2021: Liyanah’s Results Well Worth The Wait!

GCSE Results 2021: Liyanah’s Results Well Worth The Wait!

August 12, 2021

It took Liyanah Riyaz, understandably, a few moments to compose herself on discovering she had achieved the highest possible grade in every one of her GCSE examinations, setting a sterling foundation for A Level studies. Speaking about how she felt on the morning of results day, she said: “So excited! I couldn’t wait to get here and find out, regardless of the results. I am so impatient, I just needed to know!”

Liyanah knew she had worked hard in preparation for her internal examinations but was a little apprehensive for her French result. “The listening test on the last day of term was really difficult so I left school feeling really unsure about how I had done.” She also explained how she found revising over the lockdown period: “It was tough to stay motivated when I knew I wasn’t going to be sitting formal exams. Also without the routine of school it was hard to know when to revise and also when to stop. I would put my phone on do not disturb mode but then I would burn out after intense revision periods. It was a tricky balance to get right.” Her best advice for those sitting GCSEs in future would be making your revision materials as you go and not leaving it until study leave as you end up spending too much time creating and not enough time revising.

Liyanah is going to be studying English Literature, History and Politics at A Level and is looking forward to focusing on interesting subjects under what she hopes will be “normal circumstances.” Speaking about her time in Year 11 she says “It all happened so fast, it’s a bit of a blur! I was using the same four classrooms on one corridor for nearly a year so I can’t wait to be moving around school normally.”

In the future she hopes to enter into either Journalism, Law or Politics as she really enjoys essay-based subjects. We’re very confident that Liyanah is going to achieve everything she wants to and more!