NHSG - GCSE Results Day 2021: Elated Eleanor Scoops Superb Results

GCSE Results Day 2021: Elated Eleanor Scoops Superb Results

August 12, 2021

Eleanor Francis was absolutely thrilled to find she had achieved eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and one grade 7 when she opened her GCSE results surrounded by family today.

“I just feel so happy! I have struggled to get to sleep over the holidays – I think it’s taken me an extra half an hour to just switch off each night and stop thinking about my results.”

While Eleanor’s approach to revision has clearly worked, she admitted it took a little bit of trial and error to figure out the best techniques for her, especially over lockdown. “It’s easy to try and copy the way your friends are revising but there were certain things that just didn’t work for me. In the classroom I would have tested my knowledge on teachers so at home I began to teach myself in the mirror, talking through my notes. I just had to adapt the things that usually work well for me in school.” Her biggest piece of advice for the next cohort sitting their exams would be to “go at your own pace and don’t avoid your worst subjects – you just have to knuckle down with them and overcome your fear.”

Eleanor has chosen to study Economics, Religious Studies and Geography at A Level, and looks forward to life in Sixth Form with optimism: “I am really looking forward to more independent learning and focussing my attention on my favourite subjects.”. Eleanor’s true passion lies in Religious Studies and has big dreams to study Theology at Cambridge with a view to going into the field of Law.

Big dreams call for big celebrations – Eleanor thought she was spending the rest of the day helping in her parents’ office but little did she know she was about to be whisked away for a surprise meal at Six with her family. Enjoy every moment Eleanor, you deserve it!