NHSG - GCSE Results Day 2021: It’s Written In The Stars For Phoebe

GCSE Results Day 2021: It’s Written In The Stars For Phoebe

August 12, 2021

A 12 mile walk yesterday as part of her National Citizenship Scheme programme proved to be just the ticket to keep Phoebe Black’s mind off her GCSE results. This morning however she walked in to school to discover that she had gained a superb set of GCSE results which included nine grade 9s and a grade 8.

Commenting today Phoebe said: “I feel pretty happy with these results and am particularly surprised about my grade in German.  Even though this year’s assessment process was long, I actually preferred it to the exam system. It meant that if you knew you hadn’t done well in one of your assessments you had a chance to recover.  I felt quite confident therefore about my results and it was not as stressful waiting for the results to come out as it would have been if we had sat exams.”

In addition to Phoebe’s excellent GCSE results, her family have also been celebrating her brother’s A Level results which he collected on Tuesday.  Phoebe was looking forward to a little bit of friendly sibling rivalry on whose results were better!

She is also looking forward to greater independence in the Sixth Form at NHSG as she embarks on the next stage of her education, and has opted for A Levels in Physics, Maths, Further Maths and History.

“I chose these subjects because I want to study aeronautical engineering or astrophysics at university. I have always like Space and knew I wanted to do something in Science ever since Year 4. I am thinking about applying to Imperial College London after Sixth Form.”

Phoebe’s top tip for girls taking their GCSEs is: “Reduce the stress by counting down to the tests being over rather than counting down to when the tests are, and remember you will be able to say for some subjects – I will never have to study that again!”