NHSG - GDST Junior Maths Conference

GDST Junior Maths Conference

October 24, 2019

October sees the annual trip to Oxford for the GDST Junior Maths Conference. Six intrepid Mathematicians made the long journey to meet up with 21 of our GDST sister schools at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University for a fun and challenging day of maths-based activities.

This year, the theme was ‘Our World in Numbers’ with girls focusing on their knowledge of data in the fabric of the modern world. After an incredibly thought-provoking introduction from Mr Nick Tiley-Nunn (Head of Prep School, Norwich High School for Girls) the Year 6 pupils were quickly thrown into their first task. Collaboration was a key objective for the day so NHSG girls worked closely with other schools bringing about new friendships and a huge sense of team and community spirit.

The Andrew Wiles building at Oxford University is truly inspirational and the girls were awestruck by everything the institute had to offer. Learning that the building was designed specifically for mathematicians allowed the girls to understand some of the more unusual features including the Escher inspired staircases and the fascinating sculpture designed on the mathematics of a drum beat.

We were amazed by the students’ common room in which there is a “no surface is ‘off-limits’ policy”. This means that if you suddenly have a mathematical ‘lightbulb’ moment you can, quite literally, write down your thoughts and ideas anywhere you like, including the windows and tables!

Every single girl took away valuable knowledge from their day, including the belief that they have the power to shape a more positive future for themselves and us. Until next year, girls!