NHSG - NHSG Girls Taking a Lead with the GDST

NHSG Girls Taking a Lead with the GDST

October 20, 2022

Endorsed by the London School of Economics (LSE), the GDST LEAD diploma is designed to develop the skills you need to be a future leader and entrepreneur and ideal opportunity for NHSG Sixth Form pupils whose school vision is to empower leaders, trailblazers and world shapers!

To get the project off to a great start, NHSG pupils took part in the GDST Lead Bootcamp held at the LSE in October.  Here they heard from the founder of Girls Talk London, Vanessa Sanyauke. 

Talking about the event NHSG pupils said:  “we found the talk by Vanessa Sanayauke to be not only inspirational but empowering to all young females to follow their dreams and enter the world of male dominated industries. We heard from other young entrepreneurs from LSE and learnt about their experiences in setting up and running their business. They shared with us their dreams and failures and how it is important to adopt a “can do” attitude and not fall at GDST LEAD Bootcamp the first hurdle.”

An inspiring message in both aiming high and being resilient.

As part of the girls’ LEAD journey, NHSG pupils will be working closely with a LSE mentor, who they have been able to meet in person, learning about her business and career path, as well sharing their initial business ideas with her.

We are sure we’ll be hearing more from these young leaders as they progress through the GDST LEAD programme.