NHSG - Girls’ Glee at GCSE as NHSG Celebrates their Success

Girls’ Glee at GCSE as NHSG Celebrates their Success

August 24, 2023

Excited students from Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) were more than a little gleeful this morning as they opened their GCSE results at the school while parents and teachers watched on.

With 38% of all GCSE grades awarded at 8 and 9, and 80% at grades 6 to 9, alongside excellent individual results, NHSG has continued to demonstrate the outstanding academic support it provides each and every one of its pupils so that they can achieve their best.

Over a quarter of the NHSG students taking their GCSE exam this year also achieved top grades of 7 to 9 in nine or more subjects and there were strong results across the whole range of GCSE subjects offered at NHSG, from the Arts to Sciences and Humanities to languages. – highlighting the strength of breadth across the school.

The GCSE results come just one week after outstanding A Level results were reported at the leading all-girls school in Jesmond.

Mrs Amanda Hardie, Acting Head at NHSG, praised the students and their teachers for securing such successful results.

She said: “I am so delighted for this Year Group who have worked so hard and with determination in the lead up to their GCSE exams. They have coped admirably with the turbulent times that Covid brought and also with the additional challenges of the GCSE years. I am extremely proud of them.

“As their thoughts now turn to Sixth Form at NHSG, I know they have an excellent foundation on which to build upon for A Level study. Our aim is to continue to support each and every girl academically as well as to develop further their wider skills and confidence so that they can go onto fulfil their dreams.

“Today however is focused on celebration and my congratulations to the students and also to their teachers who have supported them brilliantly.”