NHSG - Improved results see more top grades at Newcastle High School for Girls

Improved results see more top grades at Newcastle High School for Girls

August 22, 2019

Improved GCSE results have been reported today at Newcastle High School for Girls where an outstanding 134 grades have been awarded at the coveted top grade of 9, an increase of five percentage points compared to 2018. There have been improved results across all grades where an impressive 38% of grades at GCSE have been awarded at grades 9 – 8/ A* and 62% at grades 9 – 7/A – A*.

15 girls at NHSG achieved all 9 – 7/ A* – A grades across their 10 GCSE subjects and three girls achieved a stunning clean sweep of ten top grades (Grades 8 – 9 or A*), Eafa Godson, Megan Leung and Daisy Pass.  

There were strong results across the whole range of GCSE subjects offered at NHSG, from the Arts to Sciences and Humanities to languages. – once again demonstrating the strength of breadth across the school.

The improved GCSE results come just one week after stunning A Level results were reported at the leading all-girls school in Jesmond.  This summer’s results demonstrate a significant upward trend in academic performance at the school as measured by public examinations. Michael Tippett, who was appointed as Head at NHSG in September 2018, said:

“We are especially delighted to be reporting improved results at GCSE level with even more girls at our school achieving the highest possible grades.  “The girls receiving results today should feel extremely proud of their achievements; they have performed phenomenally well. They have risen to the challenge represented by the demanding content and linear examination at GCSE which makes the overall improvement on 2018 even more impressive. These girls have an excellent foundation for Sixth Form and I look forward to seeing them continue to excel in their A Level studies. Very many congratulations to all.

“Our 2019 GCSE results, combined with the excellent A Level results we received last week, highlight the success of the work we have undertaken to focus over the last year on academic attainment. We will continue to build on this to ensure that every girl at NHSG achieves her very best.”