NHSG - It’s all about language for Charlotte Swinyard

It’s all about language for Charlotte Swinyard

August 15, 2019

Her excellent grades in Dance, English and French mean that she will be studying Linguistics at the highly ranked London university.

“It was a massive shock to see my results this morning,  “I have had no sleep overnight and I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t do well.  I am so happy, especially in Dance where I achieved an A *.  I was crying before and after opening my results envelope – it was such a massive build up."

“I am really excited about going to UCL – as soon as I visited there I knew it was where I wanted to be and the course is incredible.  I am really interested in psycholinguistics and I can cover areas such as the use of sign language or visual language.”

As well as my immersing herself in her course, Charlotte was delighted to see that there is an active Dance Club at the university.

”I am also going to make sure I join the Dance Society as soon as I can – as Dance remains an absolute passion.  I am so grateful to my Dance teacher who has given me so much support, not just in Dance, but throughout my time at NHSG.”

Looking to the years beyond university, Charlotte says she can see herself going down a number of different paths. She added: “I can see myself in research and academia, however my real aspirational dream is work on language creation for movies!.”