NHSG - Nerves replaced with joy for Afefa

Nerves replaced with joy for Afefa

August 24, 2023

While Afefa Aymon Zamil admits to being a little nervous before opening her GCSE results this morning she says her parents were more nervous than her.

Nerves soon gave way to joy, as Afefa and her parents learned she had collected all top grades at GCSE with two 9s, six 8s, and 2 7s.

Afefa said: “Going into my exams I felt I had done everything I could and I am really happy with my results particularly English Literature where I have more than exceeded my grade prediction.”

She added: “All my teachers have been so helpful and put in extra time and care for me –  reassuring me as well as encouraging me to have high expectations for myself. Everyone wants you to do well here.”

Planning on taking three A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Politics, Afefa says she is keeping her options open.

“I am aiming to be dermatologist as I have real interest in skincare and it seems like it would be a great profession for me. I have also selected an essay based A Level to keep my options open too as I am also interested in taking a Law degree. I am going to be doing lots of work experience over the next two years to help me with my decision.”

As she contemplates what Sixth Form at NHSG will be like for her, Afefa aims to “have some fun and remain calm throughout Year 12 as well as to stay on top of my work.”