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December 15, 2023

At the beginning of the Autumn Term 2023/2024, we were very pleased to be able to introduce a new daily chaperoned bus service from Morpeth, adding to the six daily chaperoned bus routes we offered already. We understand the importance of providing reliable transportation options and the extension of our transport offer is part of our ongoing commitment to providing convenient and safe transportation options for our pupils from around the North East.

Following the success of the new Morpeth route and increased uptake across all of our services, this year, we are actively exploring the potential introduction of three more routes from Wearside, Derwent Valley, and along the South Bank of the Tyne Valley. These additions would not only provide additional options for existing families but would also open doors for new families to join our school community.

Here’s why these expansions matter:

1. Accessibility: By broadening our transportation network, we are making it easier for pupils from diverse areas to access our exceptional educational environment.

2. Community Connection: Extending our transport network fosters stronger connections within our community, allowing families from across the North East to join the NHSG community.

3. Flexibility for Parents: The additional routes provide parents with more options, accommodating various schedules and commitments while ensuring that your daughters can attend school reliably.

4. Environmental Impact: Consolidating transportation services helps minimise our environmental footprint, aligning with our commitments to sustainability and responsible citizenship.

If you have any feedback on our proposals please get in touch with our school Transport Coordinator, Tom Dryden at t.dryden@ncl.gdst.net