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Newcastle High School For Girls - “Olivia means business with top grades”

Olivia means business with top grades

August 15, 2019

Olivia Dungait was overjoyed to learn that she had achieved three A*s in History Geography and Economics in her A Levels at Newcastle High School for Girls.

She has more than met the admissions criteria for her degree choice in International Business with Marketing at Leeds University.

Olivia said: ”Although I was predicted two of the A*s , I was not prepared at all for these results.  I was ready to go into clearing, and genuinely thinking about what my options would be. It’s so hard to predict how you performed in the examinations and I had my heart set on going to Leeds.

“It’s such a relief and it hasn’t really sunk in that I will now actually be going.  I haven’t a plan for beyond uni yet, I am just going to see where the course takes me and what opportunities it opens up to me.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “It’s all about language for Charlotte Swinyard”

It’s all about language for Charlotte Swinyard

August 15, 2019

Her excellent grades in Dance, English and French mean that she will be studying Linguistics at the highly ranked London university.

“It was a massive shock to see my results this morning,  “I have had no sleep overnight and I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t do well.  I am so happy, especially in Dance where I achieved an A *.  I was crying before and after opening my results envelope – it was such a massive build up."

“I am really excited about going to UCL – as soon as I visited there I knew it was where I wanted to be and the course is incredible.  I am really interested in psycholinguistics and I can cover areas such as the use of sign language or visual language.”

As well as my immersing herself in her course, Charlotte was delighted to see that there is an active Dance Club at the university.

”I am also going to make sure I join the Dance Society as soon as I can – as Dance remains an absolute passion.  I am so grateful to my Dance teacher who has given me so much support, not just in Dance, but throughout my time at NHSG.”

Looking to the years beyond university, Charlotte says she can see herself going down a number of different paths. She added: “I can see myself in research and academia, however my real aspirational dream is work on language creation for movies!.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “Engineering here I come…”

Engineering here I come…

August 15, 2019

Four of the highest grades at A Level means that Bhavisha Amlani was singing from the roof tops at Newcastle High School for Girls today!

Bhavisha had already received an unconditional offer from Nottingham University to study Civil Engineering so she knew her university place wasn’t resting on her results.  However, the nerves certainly kicked in as she came to open her results envelope this morning.

She said: “I thought I had done okay but the exam papers were hard and obviously I wanted to have done well. My actual results are a massive shock!”

Bhavisha gained  the highest possible grades with four A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Geography and Physics, a phenomenal achievement which will put her on the path to success.

Talking about the next step in her educational journey, Bhavisha said: “I am excited to start on my degree course. I have been exposed to so many engineering opportunities over the years at school and it made me realise that this was what I wanted to do in my career, especially as I love Maths.  I feel Civil Engineering will give me the opportunity to consider the bigger impact on the world.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “There’s a doctor in the House”

There’s a doctor in the House

August 15, 2019

Fours A*s for Alice.

After picking up four top A* grades in Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Psychology, Newcastle High Head Girl Alice Larsen will be taking up her place at Queen Mary’s London to study Medicine.

Alice  from Newcastle said: “I actually slept well – I think my Mum was more nervous than me – however when I opened  the envelope and saw my results we both instantly cried.  I was predicted to achieve these grades but it is of course an enormous challenge and I am so relieved that I did – it’s hard to take in.

Alice, who is one of four sisters who have attended NHSG, will be the first doctor in the Larsen household.

“Applying for Medicine was a bit of last minute change of plan – I had actually ruled it out and then decided at the last minute to apply.  I certainly made it difficult for myself as a result and had to rapidly get some work experience under my belt and start practising for the UK CAT.

“I applied to Queen Mary’s as one of the top ranked medical schools and I am so looking forward to being there.  At the moment I am thinking that I might like to work in psychiatry or be in the army – I feel I really need that kind of rush and thinking on my feet – however I am completely open to different ideas at this stage.”

Alice achieved these amazing grades while performing her role as Head Girl at the School: “It was very busy but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I learned so many life skills along the way and I have just loved the family atmosphere of our Year Group; we have all worked really hard and have inspired each other to do well.  Everyone has been there for one another and it has been so special.”


Newcastle High School For Girls - “Georgia is planning on racing ahead”

Georgia is planning on racing ahead

August 15, 2019

Georgia Richardson is planning on racing ahead following her outstanding results at A level, an A* and two As.

The Newcastle High pupil from Stamfordham will be taking up her place on the five year course in Marine Technology, within small craft technology, at Newcastle University.

The course which covers naval architecture design, will see Georgia focusing on the design and operation of small crafts, specialist marine products like yachts and catamarans as well as lifeboats, which form a significant proportion of the UK marine industry.  She will also qualify as a chartered Engineer.

Georgia explains how she made her choice: “I knew that I wanted to take an engineering degree but it was only by chance I came across the Marine technology course which perfectly combined my interest in engineering and my love of being on the water. I spend a lot of spare time with my Dad and Sister Wakeboarding on the Tyne or in Scotland – we are pretty passionate about it.  As soon as I saw the course I knew it was for me and I got a lot of help from School in changing my personal statement so that I could apply.”

Looking to the future, Georgia already has set her sights high: “My ambition is to design boats for the America’s Cup.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “Three A*s for Amrita”

Three A*s for Amrita

August 15, 2019

Amrita Badanahatti had a shaky night’s sleep as she prepared to pick up her A Level results at Newcastle High School for Girls today.

She had been offered a place for Medicine at Newcastle University and needed to gain two As and a B (a reduced offer after performing extremely well in her interview), and while she was hoping to get the grades for university she was not expecting a full house of A*s.

“It’s crazy, but I am very happy!” said Amrita who is from Benton.

Thinking about the future Amrita said:

“I am going to miss being at NHSG with all my friends and teachers – I have loved the school and how we are such a supportive community – it’s been great. I am looking forward to training to be a doctor as I really like the idea of combining Science with working with people.  Newcastle University’s Medicine course is highly ranked and has the bonus of being close to home.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “An evening of sporting celebration”

An evening of sporting celebration

July 22, 2019

We were delighted to welcome Tamara Taylor to our annual Sports Awards evening at NHSG on Tuesday 2nd July. Tamara has represented England in four Rugby World Cups, including 2014, which they won. She is also the second most capped England player and has recently been a part of a record-breaking challenge for the children’s charity Wooden Spoon, in which she went to Mount Everest to try to break two World Records for the highest games of rugby. A tremendous achievement and a truly inspirational story to share with girls of NHSG.

Tamara helped our main host of the evening, Emma Southern, Games Captain 2018-19, present the prizes for sporting achievements over the past year in recognition of girls’ dedication, participation and contribution to school sports as well as the wider sporting community. Awards, including Colours and Half Colours, were also presented for excellent personal improvements, rewarding girls who have demonstrated continued effort in their team or individual sports.

Fellow Sports Captains Lottie Gill (Hockey), Tara Harrison (Netball), Jane Brown (Swimming), Kay Errington (Cross Country), Kanari Yamazaki (Trampolining), Caity Moyle (Gymnastics), Anum Sattar (Football) and Amrita Badanahatti (Badminton) took turns to reflect on their individual sports and

shared the many positive outcomes of participating in their chosen pursuits. All of them spoke eloquently about the lasting friendships they had formed, the memories they had created and expressed a vote of thanks to the PE teachers who have supported them in all aspects of their sporting ventures at NHSG, from providing encouragement to driving the trusty ‘teal’ minibus across the country.

The evening closed with announcements of Sports Players of the Year as well as the new Sports Captains for 2019-20 (names of winners are listed on the next page). Well done to all of our 2018-19 Sports Captains for hosting and making the evening so memorable.

We wish all of our NHSG sports players the very best of luck in their sporting endeavours in the coming academic year and we can’t wait to hear about them at Sports Awards Evening 2020!

Newcastle High School For Girls - “A Shakespearean farewell from Year 6”

A Shakespearean farewell from Year 6

July 22, 2019

After weeks of rehearsals and prop making, Year 6 were finally ready to present their play to an audience of friends and family, a comedy biopic of William Shakespeare. This was their final assembly at Junior School as they will be leaving Chapman House to begin
Year 7 after the Summer.

The play, set in Stratford-upon-Avon, opened with a young Shakespeare railing against scathing reviews of his latest play, before jumping to London several years later and at the height of his fame. During the production, the girls learnt about the building (and rebuilding, thanks to a misfired canon during a production of Henry VIII) of The Globe Theatre, the Tudor tradition of girls’ roles being played by young boys, the superstitions surrounding ‘the Scottish play’ as well as Shakespeare’s ambiguous legacy to Anne Hathaway of his second best bed.

After a riotous show, we can all agree the idea of women not being allowed on stage was not one we agree with! Really well done girls, we know that you will take your infectious smiles and energy all the way through Senior School too.

Good luck and our very best wishes for the next exciting stage in your educational journey. We’ll continue to see your progress and watch you grow into amazing young women.