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Newcastle High School For Girls - “Saanvi sails into Sixth Form with superb GCSE results”

Saanvi sails into Sixth Form with superb GCSE results

August 25, 2022
Saanvi Chelikani has long envisaged herself as a Sixth Form pupil at NHSG, and she now has a superb foundation for the next stage of her studies after celebrating all top grades at GCSE with five grade 9s and five grade 8s. Saanvi says: “I have always pictured myself in the Sixth Form Common Room at NHSG and I can’t wait to get started. I know I am going to get great support here from my teachers and friends.” Like the rest of her cohort, it has been a long wait for the GCSE results for Saanvi after finishing exams in June. Saanvi says: “ I spent yesterday with my friends to try and distract ourselves – it was really nice to spend the time with them and to be with them here today – they are really happy with their results too – it’s such a nice place to be.” When asked which of her results Saanvi was most pleased with, there was no hesitation with her response: “Chemistry; I was hoping for a Grade 8 and got a grade 9.  I want to go on to study Medicine so I am very pleased with that.” Saanvi will be taking Chemistry, Biology and Maths at A Level and is eagerly anticipating the  challenges that advanced level study will bring.  
Newcastle High School For Girls - “It’s Medicine or Music for Mishka as ‘hard work’ pays off at GCSE”

It’s Medicine or Music for Mishka as ‘hard work’ pays off at GCSE

August 25, 2022
NHSG pupil, Mishka Bari Jones was lost for words today after she opened her GCSE results and learned that she had gained all top grades – eight grade 9s and 2 grade 8s. She says: “After a sleepless night, I am now feeling speechless but it’s really nice to know that all the hard work of the last years has paid off. I know my parents are really pleased too – they have supported me so much and it feels good to have made them proud.” Mishka says she is particularly pleased with her grade 9 in Chemistry which she is planning to take at A Level alongside A Levels in Biology, Spanish and Maths. She says; “I chose these subjects because I have always been interested in Medicine and how the body works, but I also love languages and Spanish is such a lovely language to be able to speak.  I like the idea of  studying or living abroad in the future.” Sixth Form at NHSG now beckons and Mishka is looking forward to being able to study the subjects that she is most passionate about as well as ‘the independence you gain and the chance to take a bit more control of your own life’. A Levels won’t be the only new studies that Mishka takes up in the Autumn. Already playing piano, clarinet and violin to a high level, she plans to start learning to play the drums. “You never know – if it’s not Medicine, it could be Music,” she adds. Whatever Mishka decides, we know she has everything to look forward to in the coming years.
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Cool and calm as Maddie collects top grades at GCSEs”

Cool and calm as Maddie collects top grades at GCSEs

August 25, 2022
Knowing that she had done everything she could, and that she couldn’t change the outcome, meant that 16 year old Maddie Buchanan was feeling fairly calm as she came into school to collect her GCSE results. “I have tried to put the exams behind me and enjoy my holidays as there was nothing more I could do.  I felt a little bit of anticipation this morning but otherwise it’s been fine!” Maddie, whose results included a stunning nine GCSEs at grade 9 and one at grade 8, says “I am really pleased with my English result as I did as well as I could have done.” Maddie will now continue her studies in Sixth Form at NHSG where she will be taking Maths, Geography and IT at A Level.  She explains her reasons for her choices: “These are the subjects I feel I am naturally good at and I have found more enjoyable; they seemed more appealing for these reasons. I don’t yet know what I want to do after A level but I am going to spend the next two years trying to figure that out.” “I know that I am going to have to work hard in Sixth Form but I am also looking forward to the flexibility and the opportunity to be able to focus my time on subject and co-curricular sport.” Maddie’s plan also reflects her advice to younger pupils about to start on GCSE study. She says it’s important to do your work but ‘don’t neglect to have fun along the way’.
Newcastle High School For Girls - “NHSG pupils’ exam joy as wait for GCSE results is over”

NHSG pupils’ exam joy as wait for GCSE results is over

August 25, 2022
NHSG pupils, parents and staff are celebrating after an outstanding set of GCSE results have been reported today. With an anxious wait for results day behind them, there have been jubilant scenes at the School where one in four grades awarded are at the very highest grade 9 and two thirds of grades are at Grade 7 – 9. NHSG pupils and parents say that these impressive achievements feel all the more special because of the disruption to life caused by the pandemic, and they have expressed relief that NHSG pupils can now put the past behind and embrace the next stage of their education as they embark on a wide range of A Level courses. Mr Michael Tippett, Head at NHSG, said: “I am absolutely thrilled by today’s GCSE results which reflect our school’s continued excellent upward trajectory of public examination improvement.  I am also very proud of every one of our pupils who have worked so hard during these past years of challenge and uncertainty to achieve such outstanding grades.  We shouldn’t forget how difficult recent years have been and that these pupils didn’t even know if public examinations would actually go ahead this year until well into Year 11.“ Mr Tippett added: “Our staff have been superb in supporting pupils during these unprecedented times and NHSG pupils have demonstrated remarkable resilience. I am so pleased therefore that, this year, pupils will be able to celebrate fully their very well deserved success, and I am looking forward to seeing them back in September for all the excitement that NHSG Sixth Form will bring.”
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Uche hits hattrick of healthy grades for career in medicine”

Uche hits hattrick of healthy grades for career in medicine

August 18, 2022
Uche Ojiako refused to contemplate any career other than Medicine. Her focus and determination has paid off, and she is over the moon to have achieved three As in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. She said: “I was shocked because Chemistry was one of my tricky subjects, and I struggled a bit in the mocks. But I knew I had to work really hard to get the three As I needed to study medicine at Sunderland University. There was nothing else I wanted to do. So I had to just get my head down and work really hard.” After visiting Sunderland University, Uche knew it was the uni for her because she loved the mock hospital and the support and communications she received from them even before getting her offer. “It’s clear they have a really good support system, and it’s close enough to home for me to come back and see family too.” Medicine has long been Uche’s career of choice. She added: “You’re able to put your problem solving skills and science knowledge in to practice and apply them directly to helping people. As much as it’s a cliché, it really is about helping others that makes it such a brilliant career.” Uche credits her teachers for giving her the encouragement to keep going after her mocks, and she felt able to lean on them for support, asking lots of questions and even requesting additional work and extra mock exam papers to work through at home to develop her knowledge. As to which area of medicine she’ll pursue following her studies, Uche’s not sure yet, but general practice is definitely on her radar having taken part in work experience at a GP practice. “I really enjoyed working there. But I know at University I’ll be able to explore different options too.” We’re absolutely delighted to see Uche heading off into her dream career, and wish her every success.        
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Emma’s all-girls’ education sparked her passion for putting feminism into politics”

Emma’s all-girls’ education sparked her passion for putting feminism into politics

August 18, 2022
One day we might be watching Emma Gibson debating the big questions of the day in Parliament as an MP, or talking into a microphone on College Green as a political journalist. With a full set of A*s in the bag (English Literature, Politics and History) she’s heading off to Edinburgh to study Politics – the subject she’s had her heart set on since Year 9. Emma said: “I’ve been doing debating since year 9, and I joined Newcastle City Youth Council in year 10, too. In fact, with NHSG I went to Edinburgh University before starting my GCSEs for a debating competition and I loved it, so I took part in a lot more of them since then. I feel as though politics has become a big part of my life.” With a strong passion for the topic, Emma believes that being able to take three subjects that were so important to her chosen career really helped her succeed. “I really love the subjects I took at A Level – there’s a lot of overlapping of the themes that link all of them together, they kind of assist each other.” While Emma’s got a strong interest in politics, she wasn’t convinced her A-Level had gone so well. She added: “I must’ve only got about three hours sleep last night. I didn’t think Politics had gone very well, I had no idea what to expect. So I’m really pleased with my results.” We asked Emma what might be the first thing that she tackles in her future political career? She said: “Coming from an all-girls school women’s issues are really important to me, so I come from a feminist stand point. But also environmental issues aren’t really prioritised at the moment and I feel they should be. Not least because developments in renewable energy, for example, can help ease the pressure of the cost of living crisis. It all links together.” Moving to a city as cultural as Edinburgh is also a big plus for Emma, who, in addition to pursuing her political interests, is also a big fan of the performing arts and a regular visitor to the Fringe. Watch this space – we get the feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from Emma when her political career takes off!
Newcastle High School For Girls - “Claudia sets sights on geography course in ‘truly international city’”

Claudia sets sights on geography course in ‘truly international city’

August 18, 2022
This September Claudia Fretwell will be packing her bags and heading off to Edinburgh University to study Geography – a subject she loves that she says will give her so many transferable skills. With two A*s (in Geography and Biology) and one A (Chemistry) she’s feeling completely relieved and incredibly happy. Claudia said: “I knew what grades I wanted as a best case scenario, and I got them! I had been worrying because of what the media had been saying about this year’s grades, so I had been compiling a list of alternative universities to look at in clearing. I really couldn’t make a call on how I’d done. I just had no idea so I was very apprehensive. But now I’m so happy!” Claudia puts her success down to working consistently hard during Years 12 and 13, and being really focused on study during lockdown. “We couldn’t do any of the usual socialising, so I just really focused on my study. And we got so much support from the teachers around the online classes and extra sets of mock exams, which were really helpful because our year wasn’t able to sit GCSE’s due to the pandemic. So the mocks really helped prepare us for exams.” Edinburgh University was the obvious choice for Claudia, because it gives her enough of a change without being too far from home. She said: “It’s a truly international city with loads of culture, and Edinburgh University is such a prestigious place to study with a great reputation. I love the campus too.” While she’s incredibly excited about starting university, Claudia says she’s going to miss NHSG. “The school, the teachers and everyone in my year will be a big miss. I’ve had the best time at NHSG, the atmosphere here is great.” Claudia’s mum agrees. She said: “As a parent there’s nothing I can fault about NHSG. There’s a brilliant ‘have a go’ attitude’, and the girls are all encouraged to get involved with as much as they can. It’s been great to see my daughter grow during her time here.” With just a few weeks to go until the start of her new university term, Claudia admits she’s not fully prepared. She said: “I’ve bought a backpack and that’s it - so I’ve got a few trips to Ikea to make!” Before the shopping spree gets into full swing, however, Claudia and her friends and family will be celebrating her outstanding success together. Well done Claudia!  
Newcastle High School For Girls - “A place at Central St Martin’s for artist and body image campaigner Bec”

A place at Central St Martin’s for artist and body image campaigner Bec

August 18, 2022
Bec McGowan has had a passion for art since the day she could pick up a pencil! So getting into the prestigious Central St Martin’s school of art and design is a dream come true. Bec said: “I was terrified about my exam results and my stomach was in a knot. But I’m really happy now and so excited to start at Central St Martins.” With two A*s in Textiles and Art, Bec clearly has the creative talent to achieve a top degree, but there are other reasons driving her ambition to be an artist. Bec said: “Art is about expressing yourself and giving a piece of yourself to the world. But I’m also very passionate about body image and my final piece of work, which appeared in the NHSG fashion show, was all about the weight of society and how we shouldn’t view ourselves in terms of numbers and scales.” Bec has personally found art therapeutic, and she has spoken out about her own struggles with an eating disorder. She said: “I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s what’s inside you. And I think as an artist it’s important to communicate your own experiences to the world.” With support from her teachers, the NHSG pastoral care team and her family, Bec says she’s grateful for the encouragement she received to get better and do well. She added: “I know that Central St Martin’s is the best school for art but I wouldn’t have even considered applying there if my teachers hadn’t encouraged me to. They’ve been so supportive, they give you the help you need but also the freedom to experiment and work to your strengths.” Bec has spent the past few weeks inter-railing around Europe with her twin sister which she says was an incredible experience and something that really changed her outlook. She added: ‘It was a bit of a carrot to get well and work hard.” Now she’s got her brilliant results, however, she’s focusing on her new life studying in London, and getting a taste of all that art has to offer.