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Newcastle High School For Girls - “Lucy plans for career in Law”

Lucy plans for career in Law

August 22, 2019

Lucy’s excellent GCSE results have cemented her decision to pursue Law after she finishes her A levels in 2021.

“I had originally wanted to become a vet but my GCSE years have taught me that I much prefer essay based subjects and languages rather than Science plus I have discovered that I am squeamish around blood!” explained Lucy Benn who received her GCSE results at Newcastle High today which included three 9s, five grade 8s and two grade 7s.

Lucy had originally opted to study A Levels in Biology Chemistry and Spanish but is now considering her options which will include Economics and Religious Studies instead.

She went on to explain more about her change of heart.

“As well as essay based subjects, I have always enjoyed the idea of debating and putting forward an argument.  I have been researching the content of Law degrees and I am going to start visiting some universities this autumn.

“I am excited for Sixth Form, especially being able to focus on just three subjects, as well as get involved in all the clubs and societies that are available.”

In the meantime, Lucy will be celebrating her excellent results with her sister who collected her A Level results at NHSG last week and is going to study Medicine in September.  It’s an exciting time for both. Congratulations Lucy and Holly!

Newcastle High School For Girls - “An overwhelming outcome for Lily”

An overwhelming outcome for Lily

August 22, 2019

Nerves were replaced with joy for Lily Eckford as she collected a set of top grades at GCSE today.

The Newcastle High pupil said she was ’feeling quite good and a little overwhelmed’ about the outcome.

Lily said: ‘I haven’t really thought about results over the summer holidays, until today and I then got really nervous on our way here. I hid with my Mum at the back of the Hall to open my results envelope. I was really shocked and really happy to read what I had achieved. Thinking back to exams I didn’t think I had done too well and I never dreamed that I would get grade 9s!”

“I am now excited for Sixth Form and am glad to be putting Year 11 behind me and to be able to focus on a smaller number of subjects.

“I was originally considering Maths, History and Music at A Level but am now thinking that I should take Chemistry instead of Music because I got such a good grade at GCSE. If I don’t take Music A Level I will continue to be an active part of the Music co-curricular activity in School as I love performing and composing.  I don’t yet know what I want to do in the future so I want to take a mix of subjects that I know I can do well in.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “One step closer to Medicine for Maria”

One step closer to Medicine for Maria

August 22, 2019

A nail biting wait for Maria is over as she learned of her outstanding GCSE results today at Newcastle High.

Receiving news of eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and one grade A, Maria Zahid realised that she definitely had nothing to be worried about.

She said: “I was hoping to have achieved all grade 8s so my expectations of myself were high but I was utterly shocked and very relieved to see that I had achieved nearly all grade 9s. I am particularly delighted with my grade 9 in Maths.”

Asking Maria about the secret of her success and any advice she would offer girls starting their GCSE studies this year, Maria said: “I would advise to work hard right from day one in Year 10. I aimed to have the right mind-set and determination to achieve top grades. I also learned that there will always be set backs along the way, that sometimes things don’t go the way you want, so it’s important to learn how to pick yourself back up.”

Maria’s excellent results demonstrate exactly what can be achieved with the right approach.

Looking at the next stage of her education at NHSG, Maria will be taking A Levels in Biology and Chemistry; in addition she is currently choosing between Latin and Maths.

She explained: ”I am hoping to go on to study Medicine – I really love the sciences and Medicine feels like a natural progression – I am fascinated by how the body works. I do however very much enjoy Latin so I am going to see whether this will be an alternative option at A Level.

“I am very excited for Sixth Form at NHSG. I know it will be the start of a new journey for me and I am planning on starting with the right mind-set to do my very best.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “Improved results see more top grades at Newcastle High School for Girls”

Improved results see more top grades at Newcastle High School for Girls

August 22, 2019

Improved GCSE results have been reported today at Newcastle High School for Girls where an outstanding 134 grades have been awarded at the coveted top grade of 9, an increase of five percentage points compared to 2018. There have been improved results across all grades where an impressive 38% of grades at GCSE have been awarded at grades 9 – 8/ A* and 62% at grades 9 – 7/A – A*.

15 girls at NHSG achieved all 9 – 7/ A* - A grades across their 10 GCSE subjects and three girls achieved a stunning clean sweep of ten top grades (Grades 8 – 9 or A*), Eafa Godson, Megan Leung and Daisy Pass.  

There were strong results across the whole range of GCSE subjects offered at NHSG, from the Arts to Sciences and Humanities to languages. – once again demonstrating the strength of breadth across the school.

The improved GCSE results come just one week after stunning A Level results were reported at the leading all-girls school in Jesmond.  This summer’s results demonstrate a significant upward trend in academic performance at the school as measured by public examinations. Michael Tippett, who was appointed as Head at NHSG in September 2018, said:

“We are especially delighted to be reporting improved results at GCSE level with even more girls at our school achieving the highest possible grades.  “The girls receiving results today should feel extremely proud of their achievements; they have performed phenomenally well. They have risen to the challenge represented by the demanding content and linear examination at GCSE which makes the overall improvement on 2018 even more impressive. These girls have an excellent foundation for Sixth Form and I look forward to seeing them continue to excel in their A Level studies. Very many congratulations to all.

“Our 2019 GCSE results, combined with the excellent A Level results we received last week, highlight the success of the work we have undertaken to focus over the last year on academic attainment. We will continue to build on this to ensure that every girl at NHSG achieves her very best.”


Newcastle High School For Girls - “It’s all about language for Charlotte Swinyard”

It’s all about language for Charlotte Swinyard

August 15, 2019

Her excellent grades in Dance, English and French mean that she will be studying Linguistics at the highly ranked London university.

“It was a massive shock to see my results this morning,  “I have had no sleep overnight and I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t do well.  I am so happy, especially in Dance where I achieved an A *.  I was crying before and after opening my results envelope – it was such a massive build up."

“I am really excited about going to UCL – as soon as I visited there I knew it was where I wanted to be and the course is incredible.  I am really interested in psycholinguistics and I can cover areas such as the use of sign language or visual language.”

As well as my immersing herself in her course, Charlotte was delighted to see that there is an active Dance Club at the university.

”I am also going to make sure I join the Dance Society as soon as I can – as Dance remains an absolute passion.  I am so grateful to my Dance teacher who has given me so much support, not just in Dance, but throughout my time at NHSG.”

Looking to the years beyond university, Charlotte says she can see herself going down a number of different paths. She added: “I can see myself in research and academia, however my real aspirational dream is work on language creation for movies!.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “Olivia means business with top grades”

Olivia means business with top grades

August 15, 2019

Olivia Dungait was overjoyed to learn that she had achieved three A*s in History Geography and Economics in her A Levels at Newcastle High School for Girls.

She has more than met the admissions criteria for her degree choice in International Business with Marketing at Leeds University.

Olivia said: ”Although I was predicted two of the A*s , I was not prepared at all for these results.  I was ready to go into clearing, and genuinely thinking about what my options would be. It’s so hard to predict how you performed in the examinations and I had my heart set on going to Leeds.

“It’s such a relief and it hasn’t really sunk in that I will now actually be going.  I haven’t a plan for beyond uni yet, I am just going to see where the course takes me and what opportunities it opens up to me.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “Georgia is planning on racing ahead”

Georgia is planning on racing ahead

August 15, 2019

Georgia Richardson is planning on racing ahead following her outstanding results at A level, an A* and two As.

The Newcastle High pupil from Stamfordham will be taking up her place on the five year course in Marine Technology, within small craft technology, at Newcastle University.

The course which covers naval architecture design, will see Georgia focusing on the design and operation of small crafts, specialist marine products like yachts and catamarans as well as lifeboats, which form a significant proportion of the UK marine industry.  She will also qualify as a chartered Engineer.

Georgia explains how she made her choice: “I knew that I wanted to take an engineering degree but it was only by chance I came across the Marine technology course which perfectly combined my interest in engineering and my love of being on the water. I spend a lot of spare time with my Dad and Sister Wakeboarding on the Tyne or in Scotland – we are pretty passionate about it.  As soon as I saw the course I knew it was for me and I got a lot of help from School in changing my personal statement so that I could apply.”

Looking to the future, Georgia already has set her sights high: “My ambition is to design boats for the America’s Cup.”

Newcastle High School For Girls - “Engineering here I come…”

Engineering here I come…

August 15, 2019

Four of the highest grades at A Level means that Bhavisha Amlani was singing from the roof tops at Newcastle High School for Girls today!

Bhavisha had already received an unconditional offer from Nottingham University to study Civil Engineering so she knew her university place wasn’t resting on her results.  However, the nerves certainly kicked in as she came to open her results envelope this morning.

She said: “I thought I had done okay but the exam papers were hard and obviously I wanted to have done well. My actual results are a massive shock!”

Bhavisha gained  the highest possible grades with four A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Geography and Physics, a phenomenal achievement which will put her on the path to success.

Talking about the next step in her educational journey, Bhavisha said: “I am excited to start on my degree course. I have been exposed to so many engineering opportunities over the years at school and it made me realise that this was what I wanted to do in my career, especially as I love Maths.  I feel Civil Engineering will give me the opportunity to consider the bigger impact on the world.”