NHSG - Pride in the North East at NHSG

Pride in the North East at NHSG

May 28, 2019

At NHSG, we are very keen to promote our local heritage so, with this in mind, Year 3 have undertaken a mini-topic entitled, ‘Angels of the North’. We began with some research into the Angel of the North and followed this up with a visit to the site in Gateshead to consolidate our findings. Girls subequently wrote newspaper-style reports to document their learning experience.

Year 3 have also been busy producing information texts using sub-headings and research techniques about bridges, buildings and places which remind us of our local area.

A wide range of subject matters have been researched, all based on the children’s knowledge and individual interest in the North East, including: the Farne Islands, Wallington Hall, the Tyne Bridge, Beamish Museum, St James’ Park, to name but a few.

The girls have also undertaken another local research project focusing on the statues and monuments in Newcastle and have drawn comparisons between the number of men versus women represented in our city.

Having studied the role of an angel, Year 3 were then asked to choose and research a notable female from the North-East who they felt would represent an ‘Angel of the North’ and would be worthy of a monument to reflect their contribution to society.

A great deal of discussion, debating and interest was shown as girls discussed their suggestions.

We are very proud of our beautiful city and region at our School and are delighted that we have had the opportunity to develop the girls’ knowledge and understanding of their local area.