NHSG - Science is My Superpower

Science is My Superpower

December 20, 2019

The Science is My Superpower STEM scheme in conjunction with Newcastle University is a new initiative led by Miss Penny that aims to raise aspirations of local primary school children through an exciting series of Science projects, held here at NHSG and at Newcastle University.

With the help of various NHSG staff and Year 12 volunteers, the first workshop took place on Saturday 9th December. There were 60 pupils from schools around the North East taking part. We welcomed girls from Brighton Avenue, Hazelwood Primary, Hotspur Primary
Kingston Park Primary, Tyneview Primary, Usworth Colliery and Wingrove Primary.

Their mission? To build the most aerodynamic car possible. It was an action-packed morning as girls were split into teams of two or three, supported by an NHSG Sixth Former. They were tasked with following a challenging project brief from start to finish and the results were quite extraordinary. We observed ambitious adaptation, daring designs and some outside-the-box thinking. The day was a real success all round and we’re looking forward to the next workshop on 5th February at Newcastle University.