NHSG - Thea ready for A Level challenge after success at GCSE

Thea ready for A Level challenge after success at GCSE

August 25, 2023

Thea ready for A Level challenge after success at GCSE

Thea Jeffares is ready for the challenge of A Level study at NHSG after receiving top grades in all her GCSE subjects.

She said:I have been really nervous over the last week and imagining the worst, so it’s a big relief and I feel very happy.  A big thank you to my teachers for always pushing me and believing in my ability. They helped me to reach my potential. Now I can put GCSEs behind me and properly move on.”

With one grade 9, eight grade 8s and a 7, Thea has an excellent foundation for Sixth Form at NHSG where she plans to take A Levels in English Literature, History and Politics.

Explaining the reasons for her choices, Thea said: ‘I’ve always loved English so that was an easy choice. I hadn’t originally selected History for GCSE but had a last minute switch and absolutely loved it, particularly the topic on the Cold War topic. There’s a Russian unit in the A Level syllabus so I am really looking forward to learning that.’

Thea is thinking about studying Law at university so added that “Politics feels like a good fit”.

Planning on throwing herself into Sixth Form life, Thea also expects to be out on the school courts and pitches: “Sport is my thing so I will be getting involved over the next two years.”

‘When I was in Year 7, I thought Sixth Form looked cool and since then I have always wanted to be in it, and now it starts next week! In Sixth Form you are treated more like an adult and you have a bit more independence. So it’s like starting again while still being at NHSG.”

“Being at an all-girl school is the best environment – 100%. No-one is afraid to be smart and it’s the most nurturing environment. Coming to Senior School here was THE best decision.”