NHSG - There’s a doctor in the House

There’s a doctor in the House

August 15, 2019

Fours A*s for Alice.

After picking up four top A* grades in Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Psychology, Newcastle High Head Girl Alice Larsen will be taking up her place at Queen Mary’s London to study Medicine.

Alice  from Newcastle said: “I actually slept well – I think my Mum was more nervous than me – however when I opened  the envelope and saw my results we both instantly cried.  I was predicted to achieve these grades but it is of course an enormous challenge and I am so relieved that I did – it’s hard to take in.

Alice, who is one of four sisters who have attended NHSG, will be the first doctor in the Larsen household.

“Applying for Medicine was a bit of last minute change of plan – I had actually ruled it out and then decided at the last minute to apply.  I certainly made it difficult for myself as a result and had to rapidly get some work experience under my belt and start practising for the UK CAT.

“I applied to Queen Mary’s as one of the top ranked medical schools and I am so looking forward to being there.  At the moment I am thinking that I might like to work in psychiatry or be in the army – I feel I really need that kind of rush and thinking on my feet – however I am completely open to different ideas at this stage.”

Alice achieved these amazing grades while performing her role as Head Girl at the School: “It was very busy but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I learned so many life skills along the way and I have just loved the family atmosphere of our Year Group; we have all worked really hard and have inspired each other to do well.  Everyone has been there for one another and it has been so special.”