NHSG - Wing Sum sings the praises of her support system after superb results

Wing Sum sings the praises of her support system after superb results

August 24, 2023

Wing Sum Lee, who joined NHSG in Year 11 from an international school in Malaysia, could not thank the school enough after receiving outstanding grades at GCSE this morning.

Wing Sum, who gained all Grade 8s and 9s, said: “Thank you so much, I never thought I would get these grades and I definitely wouldn’t have without the help of my teachers.  I have had so much support since joining the school, the teachers have been very approachable and always available.”

The timing of the move to England for Wing Sum was far from ideal for GCSE preparation but was unavoidable for the family.

Mr Lee, who was thrilled for his daughter, said: “Work meant that we had to make the move but Mr Tippett provided so much support during the transition – we owe him a lot. NHSG has been so accommodating and we very much appreciate that.”

Wing Sum will be continuing her studies at NHSG’s Sixth Form where she will be taking A Levels on Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths and plans to pursue Medicine at university.

She explained: “My parents are scientists so I have grown up in that environment. Medicine is always progressing and there’s always something new to learn alongside the development of new technologies – that’s what excites me.”

With the intensity of her GCSE experience behind her, Wing Sum is now looking forward to getting more involved in the wider school life.

“When I joined NHSG I had to focus on getting up to speed in my GCSE studies, but in Sixth Form I’ll be taking advantage of the sports on offer at the school as well as putting myself forward for the Sixth Form leadership opportunities. I can’t wait.”