Millions of people across the United Kingdom have been using their Thursday evenings as an opportunity to show their appreciation for NHS staff and other key workers. Clap For Our Carers has become a weekly event as locked-down communities come together on their doorsteps to clap in unison, applause ringing out across otherwise quiet skylines.

While some of us may feel a little helpless during this period of uncertainty, this simple but meaningful act of solidarity with frontline workers allows us to show our support from afar.

We set out to showcase Newcastle High’s appreciation and created a video featuring girls from across the whole school clapping at home. True to NHSG girls’ creative spirit, they adopted an eclectic range of apparatus to amplify the sounds of their appreciation, from pots and pans, to whistles and trumpets! Some of our community’s pets were eager to join in too; we witnessed a very cute clapping kitten, an excitable puppy and Mrs Franks-Doyle’s mischievous dog, Maude, making a racket to rival the neighbours!

Thank you to everyone who took part. Keep clapping, girls!

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel here.

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