A first is worth celebrating in any competition, but a first for the School is a level above so many congratulations to our Senior Netball Team who brought home the GDST Netball Trophy, after competing against other outstanding Netball teams from across the GDST. Here is the team’s report…

On Thursday 7th March, the Senior Netball team travelled to Bromley High School to compete against their fellow GDST school teams from across the country, in the annual GDST Rally. Despite the gusty winds blowing the ball in all directions, the team performed well in the group round, confidently winning all matches but one, and taking us to the Semi Finals against infamous Putney. Having taken our centre pass in the 2016 Final and consequently the title of Trust Champion, there was no chance Newcastle High would allow Putney the satisfaction of winning again… and sure enough, the girls did not disappoint. A strong first half ensured NHSG were winning by half-time and their success continued until the end. We defeated Putney with a fantastic final score of 5-4 and huge smiles on our faces.

In the final round we played Royal High School Bath, whose team consisted of seven very tall players! We had a wobbly start with Bath scoring off our centre pass which put us down to losing at half-time, but we were not going to give up.

Bouncing back onto the court with our heads high, the wind throwing us around and everyone on the sidelines cheering for us, we turned the game round and finished with a strong 8-2 win. Newcastle High School For Girls were officially Trust Champions!
There were screams, laughs and even some tears on hearing the whistle go. The freezing weather was worth it when we realised that we were the first Senior Netball team in the history of NHSG, and NHSG’s predecessor GDST school Central Newcastle High School, to win the GDST Rally. We would like to say a massive thank you to Miss Watson, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Wardle for their motivating screams and for helping us to achieve something an NHSG Senior Netball Team never has before!

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