Nursery girls have settled into the new school year extremely well and have spent their first half-term building relationships with friends and teachers and becoming comfortable with routines and the environment.

Learning has been stimulated through two main themes: ‘Ourselves’ where the the girls have had the opportunity to develop their confidence and ability to talk in a small group and develop their listening and attention skills as they shared information about themselves and their families.

The second theme ‘Nocturnal animals’ has focused on the ‘Understanding the world’ strand of the EYFS and we have explored how forest animals look, their habitats and their behaviours. Linking with the theme, Nursery have been very lucky to host a pet this half term. Mrs Tiggywinkle, an African Pygmy Hedgehog, has allowed the girls to get up close and personal with a nocturnal animal. This unique experience has resulted in lots of wonderful discussions about her appearance and behaviour and interesting language to describe her.

As her home has had to be cleaned each morning, the class have been able to observe Mrs Tiggywinkle even more closely for short periods on the carpet. The girls amazed us with their sensible and mature attitudes and demonstrated a genuine care and concern for her.

We observed how she rolls into a ball when she is frightened or nervous and that she needs to be carried in a towel due to her spikes, however, her tummy is very soft and a few of us even managed to have a little stroke.

Some grown-ups were worried about how clean she was but we explained that as she has been bred as a pet she does not carry any diseases or nasty bugs.

We all felt sad to say goodbye to her as she has moved to her forever home but we have some super photographs and memories of her visit. Fortunately her new forever home is at Nurse Wilson’s house so an update about Mrs Tiggywinkle will never be too far away!


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