Newcastle High School for Girls - Our vision and mission

Our Vision

At NHSG, we embody our vision, mission and values in all that we do.


Our vision is to be champions of excellence in all-girl education, empowering girls to be leaders, trailblazers and world shapers.


Newcastle High School for Girls is committed to offering an outstanding all-girl education from age 3 to 18, that promotes happiness and well-being, allowing every girl to flourish academically. Creating an environment where girls learn without limits supported by the opportunities arising from being part of the GDST family.

This is strongly underpinned by the values of the Girls' Day School Trust and our pupils' learning characteristics:

We always put girls first.
We are forward-thinking.
We are fearless.
We are a family of schools.

NHSG Pupil Learning Characteristics (the 8 Cs)

Creative – innovative and able to ‘think outside the box’
Caring – considerate of their own needs and the needs of others
Composed – poised and self-controlled
Communicative – expressive and able to covey their ideas in an articulate manner
Courageous - willing to embrace new opportunities, with the strength of character to do the right thing. Able to learn from setbacks that are encountered. Possesses a strong sense of justice and is willing to stand up for others in the face of adversity.
Confident – self-assured and believes in her abilities
Curious – inquisitive, with a strong desire to further their learning
Collaborative – works effectively with others and enjoys being part of a team