Nottingham University


Emily has lived and breathed politics since she was 15 and has played an active role in politics and debating both within the school and the city and is now off to study PPE at Nottingham.

Emily has represented Newcastle’s 28,000 young people at the Youth Council and in the Youth Parliament, and the city in a conference of ‘Newcastles of the World’, held in Japan.  One of the highlights of her political career to date has been to deliver a speech in the House of Commons, which many people believe is a taster of what will come in Emily’s future.

Emily said: “I got exactly what I needed but not what I expected.  I got 100% in one of my politics exams!  I have had so many horrible dreams about envelope opening!  I do know what it is like to open an envelope and be disappointed by the results, I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped in my AS Levels and one of my major concerns was that I love politics so much that I wouldn’t do it justice in writing.  I’m delighted that my fears were unjustified.”

“I am close to both my grandparents and I know they will be delighted with my results.  My Grandpa hasn’t been well recently, and I know he will be so pleased.

“My Grandma taught herself her A Levels borrowing notes from friends, and since I started here in nursery has been analysing the results and studying the form.  She was keen for me to take the most high achieving subjects- thankfully at Newcastle High all departments get the results.  I know how lucky I am to have been at this school with teachers who are passionate about their subjects and committed to the pupils.  I’ve loved it here but I’m excited to be going to Nottingham.”

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