On 6th November, Year 3 were amazed to discover evidence of an unexpected visitor at Chapman House. The girls entered the Marita Hall to take part in some well-being Wednesday activities, however the excitement that soon erupted meant that the planned yoga session had to be postponed.

The girls were shocked to find a trail of enormous, muddy, three-toed footprints and feathers scattered around the hall. Upon further investigation, they also uncovered a black claw and a large tooth, which was believed to be a molar. The most exhilarating evidence of all, however, was a nest with two eggs in it. Following closer inspection, we could see that one of the eggs was beginning to crack so Mr Burton was given the important job of carefully moving the nest to a quieter place.

After a detailed discussion, the girls came to the conclusion that a dinosaur had visited Chapman House during the night. They sensibly reasoned that the creature may have been looking for a safe place to hide as it had been Bonfire night the previous evening.

In order to gain some expert advice on how to proceed, the girls decided to write to a palaeontologist, Dr Gideon, to help NHSG identify and track down the dinosaur.

The girls were very excited to receive a reply from Dr Gideon. While he wasn’t able to visit NHSG, he did offer some good advice about how to advertise for a dinosaur hunter to come and track down our visitor. Furthermore, as he was so impressed by the girls’ letters, he sent them a little dinosaur gift to encourage their study of palaeontology.

The girls were keen to follow Dr Gideon’s advice and quickly got to work to develop a job description and advert for an experienced dinosaur hunter.

In Art, the girls have been developing their observational sketching skills, using dinosaurs as models, to enhance their work in English lessons. First they focused on a close up section to help understand the purpose of shapes and lines. They then began to develop drafts of larger dinosaurs by using each other’s constructive feedback.

To help expand the girls’ knowledge and understanding of different types of dinosaurs, we have been researching the Mesozoic Era and creating our own non-fiction books on this topic using Pages on our iPads. The girls have particularly enjoyed demonstrating their understanding of how fossils are formed by creating a short video presentation using Clips.

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