As part of the Primary Engineer Leaders Award North East, twelve NHSG girls were shortlisted for the chance to receive one of their ‘Year Group Awards’. One girl was eventually selected as the ‘Winner in their Year Group’, and that girl was Emma Lynch in 3F. As part of the award, along with the rest of Year 3, Emma interviewed three engineers who visited the school, researched types of engineering, considered a real-life problem and
subsequently designed an invention that would solve it.

Lastly, Emma then wrote a formal letter explaining why her design ought to be picked. Emma’s invention design is heated railway tracks, which
prevent train delays during the winter months due to snow and ice forming on the railway lines. Emma’s illustration will be on display at the Public
Exhibition later this month and she will soon receive an invitation to attend the Grand Award Ceremony – both events will be held at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.Congratulations to Emma for her creative thinking and superb work once again!

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