Cutting her hair did not impede her learning capabilities and she went on to achieve 2 A*s and an A at A level and will now pursue her lifelong dream of studying architecture.

Rachel (pictured third from left celebrating with classmates) said:

“My A levels are a bit of a rogue choice – but I’ve wanted to do architecture for as long as I can remember.   It started when I was 5 when I was obsessed with drawing houses. It was my mum who suggested that I should be an architect and

I have not looked back.

“Architecture is the perfect mix of science and art and after two lots of work experience in architectural practices I knew it was for me.

The exam process has not been without its drama.

Rachel said:

“I was terrified that Physics hadn’t gone well with the new course we had no idea of grade boundaries and the 3 exam papers were very tough.  The first 2 papers were do-able but 3rdpaper was a real shock. Thankfully I got the A I needed so am delighted.”

Rachel has no plans to do any more fundraising as her head has been firmly in her books but she has bought herself a pair of clippers and keeps her hair closely cropped.  Months after the fund raising event, people are still donating to the Plan UK cause.

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