We all know that what you learn in the classroom is only half the story. What happens on the sports field, in Art and Music, Dance and Drama or in clubs and societies is just as important.

Newcastle High School for Girls is a hive of activity from early in the morning to late in the evening, with many opportunities available for weekend activities and more.

We offer an extensive programme of trips and visits to broaden the girls’ horizons. These include, among many others, day trips to museums, galleries, theatres, universities and other GDST schools.  We take advantage of the wide range of opportunities locally and the girls can also travel further afield.  Recent examples include trips to Iceland, The Galapagos Islands, Paris, Berlin, New York and Kenya.  Every two years, we organise a World Sports Tour which in the past has seen girls travel to New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Developing resilience and determination, and encouraging the girls to take risks, are supported through our NHSG Challenge which prepares girls in Year 7 – 9 for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which they can undertake from Year 10.

Leadership opportunities abound, not only through formal roles such as being a Forum Representative, House Captain, Sixth Form Buddy, Learning Coach, a Prefect or part of the Head Girl Team, but also through the huge number of clubs and activities offered. We have a vibrant Art scene with multiple opportunities in Music, Drama and Dance.  Every year, we produce a School Musical which is performed to an exceptional standard at Northern Stage.  Debating and Public Speaking clubs are incredibly popular.  Participation in Sport is extremely high at all ages and girls are able to compete at regional and national level with enormous

All girls are involved in community service involving fundraising and volunteering – indeed these activities are a very important part of school life at Newcastle High. We want the girls to have an understanding of the world around them and an appreciation of their responsibilities to others.

Being one of the Schools of the GDST enables us to offer opportunities that extend far beyond the reach of any other school. Girls take part and compete on a national stage against fellow GDST pupils in sporting rallies, swimming galas, art exhibitions, dance shows, drama workshops, music competitions and leadership conferences.

We chronicle the girls’ co-curricular journey through a Portfolio of Achievement, recording their involvement, skills and successes which will then be presented to each girl at the end of Year 13 when she will also be awarded a GDST Laureate.

You can download our exciting co-curricular programme at the bottom of the page.

Co-Curricular Brochure