A rash of seven medical students are leaving Newcastle High this year to study medicine at Universities across the country.

One of the successful girls, Ellie Hind, has known she wanted to be a doctor from an early age and boasts a photograph of herself dressed in a doctor’s outfit, equipped with stethoscope and doctor’s bag, aged three.

Ellie’s long held dream of becoming a doctor came true when she opened the results to discover she had secured 3 As, in Biology, Chemistry and PE, exactly what she needed to land her place at Nottingham University.

Alex Carrie, who is going to Bristol to study Medicine, originally railed against Medicine as both parents are doctors but after work experience and interesting placements in neurology at the local hospital, the RVI, she knew it was the career for her. Alex gained A* in Biology and As in Geography and Chemistry.

Zoya Zaman, former Head Girl from Gosforth is following her older sister and several past pupils from Newcastle High into Medicine at Bristol. Zoya gained A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Geography.

Zoya said: “I’m so excited about my results and the fact that I’m following in my sister’s footsteps going to study Medicine in Bristol. My sister showed me around the city and it reminded me so much of Newcastle that I loved it. There is a strong network of past pupils from Newcastle High studying at Bristol University and I’m looking forward to joining their ranks. I know I will have a ready-made support network.”

Sophie Dodds, 18


2 A* and A – Biology, Geography and Chemistry

Sophie is the first medic in the Dodds family and is off to Edinburgh University to study medicine after achieving 2 A*s and an A in Biology, Geography and Chemistry.

“I am so happy I can’t believe it.  I got the results that I was predicted, but I really didn’t think they were possible.  After picking up the envelope, I ran back to the car and opened the results with my mum.

“No one has ever done medicine before, my Dad is an engineer and my mum is a teacher, my little brother is 15 and will be doing his GCSEs next year.

“After doing a lot of work experience in Year 10, I just knew that Medicine was the career for me.  I have always loved science, especially biology and I like being around people, so medicine just made sense.

“Long term, when I’ve qualified, I’d really like to work in Palliative care.

Tonight though I will be celebrating with my friends, a number of us have got in to do medicine but all at different places. I can’t wait to get started.”



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