Sixth Form at Newcastle High

Intellectual development and a love of learning are at the heart of what we offer at Sixth Form which provides the ideal bridge between the final years at school and the world beyond.

Being in the Sixth Form at Newcastle High is less about being taught and more about intellectual challenge and discovering a love of learning which is why we get excellent examination results. We will not ‘spoon feed’ girls a diet of facts dictated by course specifications – we want instead for them to share ideas, explore around and across subjects, take unexpected directions and break new ground.

Our A Level courses are taught by inspirational teachers whose aim is for the girls to achieve the very best they can; teachers who are keen to share their passion for their subjects and encourage the girls to learn more. Intellectual curiosity and academic achievement go hand in hand. Taught within the finest facilities and in classes with like-minded people, all the girls want to work hard! It is wonderful to see the delight they have in their own success but also how they revel in each other’s successes and achievements. This creates a superb environment where inspiration, opportunity, support and intrinsic rewards and joy of genuine learning all work together to produce exceptional results.

Activities beyond the classroom extend academic studies even further through amazing trips and visits, talks from interesting speakers and our substantial links with universities and so much more. Our unrivalled Enrichment Programme, and the opportunity to complete an Extended Project Qualification, will make these two years the crowning glory of an education at Newcastle High School for Girls.

Mrs Helen Harrison
Director of Sixth Form