Newcastle High School for Girls - Sixth Form

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The Sixth Form years at NHSG are an opportunity for your daughter to cultivate a love of learning, develop intellectually, and acquire the skills for university and in the workplace.
Dream making to Trailblazing

Studying at NHSG Sixth Form is an important stepping stone in your daughter’s future, placing her firmly on the road to success at university, in her career, and preparing her to take her place in adult society.

Intellectual development and a love of learning are at the heart of what we offer at Sixth Form which provides the ideal bridge between the final years at school and the world beyond.

Our academic programme in Sixth Form is shaped by outstanding teaching delivered by inspirational teachers whose aim is for the girls to achieve the very best they can; teachers who are keen to share their passion for their subjects and encourage the girls to learn more.

In lessons, we’ll draw your daughter out of her comfort zone, encourage her spirit of enquiry and challenge her intellectually to explore subjects in greater depth. Our superb facilities and smaller classes are the perfect combination for your daughter to learn without limits, and achieve outstanding A Level results.

Activities beyond the classroom extend academic studies even further through high quality trips, workshops and talks from inspiring speakers.  Our substantial links with universities and businesses serve to expand the range of opportunities even further.

As NHSG's vision is to empower girls to be leaders, trailblazers and world shapers, we place high importance on personal as well as intellectual growth. Our superb leadership, enrichment, Life 360 and co-curricular programmes are designed to broaden horizons and develop new skills that will enhance your daughter’s Sixth Form experience; these will stand her in good stead for the rest of her life. It’s through these programmes, and shared experiences with her peers, that your daughter will develop strong friendships and feel a real sense of community here at NHSG.

Sixth Form at NHSG, without doubt, is sociable, lively and exciting. It’s intellectually challenging and stimulating, a place where your daughter will learn to be independent and, with expert teaching and guidance, will achieve her ambitions. 

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Parent of a Sixth Form pupil

Our daughter attended NHSG for the Sixth Form only. Her experience of school up until then had not been a happy one so we moved her. She honestly has not looked back and has grown into a confident and very self-assured young woman. She absolutely loves everything about NHSG. The pastoral care has been exceptional and I honestly cannot recommend the School enough.

Newcastle High School for Girls - Learning

With an excellent range of A Levels subjects on offer at NHSG, your daughter will be able to choose the subjects she loves as well as those she knows she can do well in.  Having a passion for her chosen subjects will mean that she will want to explore her subjects in more depth, and read more widely. 

In the main, pupils select three subjects at A Level (although some take four), and then as part of our wider academic enrichment programme will embark upon the highly prized Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or a Gold Arts Award. This flexible approach means your daughter can choose the option that most suits her interests and ambitions for the future. 

And at NHSG, we will make sure that your daughter receives excellent advice to make the best choices and to pave the way for her future. We want every student to follow their own pathway, so, whether she has a passion for the arts, sciences/STEM, sport and everything in between, she’ll be able to find the right A Level courses for her.  Explore our latest Sixth Form brochure for more detail of life in the Sixth Form and the wide ranging A Level courses we offer.


Joy in learning about the subjects she loves.

Sixth Form brochure

My daughter has been so pleased with herself for realising her dream to go to a Russell Group University – it was a seed sewn by you that all helped her finally decide to knuckle down when it counted.  We are all so proud and thank you for all your help in getting her there.

Parent of a former Sixth Form pupil.

Newcastle High School for Girls - Blazing her own trail

Blazing a trail of her own.

At NHSG, no-one needs to follow the pack or feel they need to fit a mould. Every girl is unique and has her own special characteristics, and interests she is passionate about.

Some girls already know what future pathway they want to follow, and many are still figuring it out. Indeed some change their minds through the year. And all of this is absolutely how it should be at this stage when there's still so much to learn and explore.

One size doesn't fit all in life, nor does it at NHSG. We want your daughter to blaze her own trail and be the person SHE wants to be.

It's for these reasons we offer such a wide range of opportunities, and at NHSG your daughter will be on a journey of discovery during her Sixth Form years.

Our enrichment programme opens up a world of new experiences and will allow your daughter to engage with people and places and learn something that goes beyond her chosen A Level courses. It will enrich her as an individual and enhance her understanding of the world around her. Life 360 is a unique enrichment programme that ensures that girls leave NHSG with skills in financial literacy, political understanding, a sense of social responsibility and an understanding of UK citizenship that will take them through life beyond university. 

Volunteering and helping others will form an important part of your daughter's experience. 

On top of this, our impressive array of clubs and societies aims to cover all interests; some are for fun, and some will support your daughter in her choice of university or career. Our hope is that your daughter finds an activity she loves and will take into adulthood.

We believe leadership skills are critical, and we'll encourage your daughter to take a lead in some aspect of her Sixth Form life.  This might involve taking a lead on a project in the classroom, getting involved in supporting younger pupils in school, running a club or presenting an assembly. We also offer more formal leadership roles. Our House and Sport Captains, along with our Sixth Form Leadership Team and Head Girl Team, play a vital role in running activities and being a voice for the pupil community. 

Co-curricular programme
Newcastle High School for Girls - Wellbeing

Putting wellbeing at the top of the agenda

Surrounded by an expert team of staff, your daughter will be supported every step of the way during her time in Sixth Form. As she starts to become more independent, and also starts to learn to cope with the demands of her A Levels, she'll always know she can reach out for help from any of our approachable staff. We'll give her the space she needs to learn for herself while, at the same time, keeping a watchful eye to ensure she is able to make the most of her Sixth Form experience and remains on track to reach her goals. Experts in the education of girls. we also know exactly when to step in to help her. We believe in early intervention, so that any problems she faces can be resolved quickly. 

Newcastle High School for Girls - Support

Everything on hand to support her success

The facilities and resources at NHSG are outstanding. Whether your daughter is considering the Sciences, Arts or Humanities subjects, she will have access to the very best so that there will be no limits to what she learns. In Sixth Form there's plenty of space for independent and private study, including a Library for the exclusive use of Sixth Formers. As a technology enabled school, our ‘Bring Your Own Device’ scheme means she can use her own laptop or tablet for  seamless working between lessons, study time and home. We all need a little bit of downtime, and your daughter will soon be enjoying our wonderful Sixth Form Common Room complete with Café Six bistro for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  

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Newcastle High School for Girls - A level results

Outstanding A Level results at NHSG

Our public examination results have been consistently impressive year on year reflecting our aim to continually improve upon the academic attainment for our pupils.  In 2019 (pre-pandemic), we reported a significant increase in top grades at both GCSE and A Level. This was one of the reasons we were awarded the prestigious Sunday Times North East Independent School of the Year Award in 2020. Since that time, we have continued on an upward trajectory of academic attainment at GCSE and A Level.

In the Summer of 2023, further excellent results have been reported. At A Level we saw over half (52%) were at the top grades of A- A*, while 72% of grades were at A* - B. Pupils have consequently had their places confirmed at universities including Oxford, Durham, Edinburgh and St Andrews and they'll be studying a wide range of courses from Medicine to Theology and Law to Musical Theatre. 

For GCSE, we were also delighted to report a 100% pass rate with 59% at the highest grades 9 - 7. Overall, 89% of GCSE grades were awarded at grades 9 - 6 and the girls' impressive achievements at GCSE have provided them with an excellent foundation for their studies at Sixth Form at NHSG.

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Newcastle High School for Girls - Open days

Open Days. See for yourself.

The best way for you and your daughter to gain a real sense of everything NHSG can offer in Sixth Form is by visiting us during one of our Open Days, or if more suitable, to arrange a private visit.  As well as viewing our excellent facilities, you'll be able to meet members of our Sixth Form Team and Sixth Form students, and find out in more detail what Sixth Form life is really like at NHSG.

Open day dates

Meet some of our staff who play a key role in Sixth Form

Amanda Hardie - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Amanda Hardie

As Head, I play an active role in overseeing the pupils' final two years at NHSG by supporting them to achieve their very best and preparing them for life beyond school. One practical example of this is that I meet every Year 13 pupil on an individual basis to discuss and review their UCAS applications. In liaison with the Director of Sixth Form and Deputy Head Academic I monitor the academic achievement and personal wellbeing of all members of Year 12 and 13 and their progress towards their examinations and future goals.

Helen Harrison - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Helen Harrison
Director of Sixth Form 

I am responsible for creating and maintaining an outstanding Sixth Form experience which ensures each girl not only achieves the best academic results she can, but is also equipped with the required skills for the 21st century. Pastoral welfare is paramount, as is ensuring the girls' continuous focus on achieving their aims. Leading the Sixth Form form tutors, I work closely with them to ensure that all the girls in Sixth Form are given the support they need. We foster open, friendly and respectful relationships and all girls know they can reach out for help and guidance at any time.

Tori Snowdon - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Tori Snowdon
Deputy Head Academic

Leading the Heads of Department, my focus is on delivering excellent teaching and learning, to ensure every girl is stretched and challenged. Monitoring and tracking is fundamental to this and as a team we make use of regular assessment data and work closely to make sure every pupil is making progress and reaching her potential. As part of my role, I support the girls in making their A Level choices ahead of their move into Sixth Form, so that the subjects they take play to their strengths and allow them access to their chosen pathway beyond school.

Kirsty Ridley - Newcastle High School for Girls

Mrs Kirsty Ridley
Head of Careers

I am responsible for delivering the careers programme that spans the whole school, but it's in Year 11 and Sixth Form where girls need the most support as they begin to investigate universities and careers in more detail.  As well as individual support and advice, we have a huge range of speakers coming into school and events taking place.  Alongside this, the GDST adds further opportunities such as insight days with major businesses and the GDST annual Oxbridge Conference.

Newcastle High School for Girls - School Travel

School travel made easy

The school run can be stressful. Our reliable, fully chaperoned, school mini-bus service offers a variety of routes from across the region, and can be as flexible as you need it to be. We even run a shuttle bus service between our Junior and Senior School sites. Our school bus service also helps to reduce the numbers of cars on the road (which our planet will thank us for).

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Newcastle High School for Girls - Term Dates

Term dates

It's always helpful to know when the school terms start and finish, as well as the holiday periods.

Sixth Form

School fees per term for academic year 2023 - 2024

School Fees per term


Lunch fees per term


Before and after school 
Our School day starts at 08.35, and concludes at 15.50. During the term time girls can arrive before school at 08.00 and at the end of the day remain in school until 18.00 for no additional charge. We operate a breakfast club each day at 8.00 and the girls pay for the items purchased on the day using our cashless payment system.

Please note:
Fees cover tuition as part of the regular curriculum, textbooks and scientific materials. Fees also include non-residential curriculum trips.

Our fees do not include the cost of entries for external examinations. In Years 12 and 13, when pupils sit AS and A Level examinations as a whole subject and/or year group, there is an additional charge for the actual cost of the number and type of subjects being sat at AS and A Level tailored for each pupil. Currently the typical range is between £350 to £500 for Year 13 A Level pupils and the calculated amount for each pupil, based on her confirmed entries, will be added to the Summer Term’s fee bill in Year 13 or in the relevant term for any AS Levels taken at the same time for the whole subject group or year group.

Individual examination entries taken at other times will be the subject of an additional charge to cover both the direct cost of the exam entry along with any additional costs of administration, invigilation, centre supervision and/or access arrangements.

Fees do not cover tuition for optional extra subjects, which are charged for directly by the School or the self-employed peripatetic teacher. The costs of stationery are also additional to the fees.

Tuition fees do not include School lunches. All pupils up to the end of Year 13 are required to have School lunch and the cost is added to the fees account and collected at the beginning of every term. Café Six which serves a variety hot and cold snacks and drinks daily from 8:15 until 14:15 as well as Sixth Form lunch between 12:00 and 13:30. Sixth Form students are also able to have lunch in the Dining Hall if they prefer.
Payment of fees
Fees must be paid for by the Bank Direct Debit system and the necessary form can be provided either by the School or from the Trust Head Office. The fees may be paid either termly in advance or by monthly instalments (four per term).

Acceptance fee
A deposit of £500 is charged on the acceptance of a place, and is held until the pupil leaves the School. It will be refunded as soon as is reasonably practicable after this and, in any case, no later than 12 weeks after the end of term, less any outstanding fees or additional charges due to the School. It is forfeit if a pupil is withdrawn after the place has been accepted.

NOTE: This website is for information only and does not form part of any contract between the parents and the Girls’ Day School Trust. This is because the information has necessarily been prepared well in advance of entry of a pupil to the school and inevitably there may be subsequent alterations.