We want all girls to show drive and passion at this stage of their lives and have the courage and confidence to be who they want to be in the world hereafter.

Life beyond GCSEs is challenging and girls need to make that step into independent learning while planning and preparing for their future. At Newcastle High, we treat the girls as young adults and give them more freedom while offering support and guidance.  Relationships with teachers will change and girls will get to know their teachers extremely well and have a shared enthusiasm and passion for their chosen subjects.

Form teachers play an important role in the pastoral care of Sixth Form girls and our Director of Sixth Form and Assistant Director of Sixth Form take an active approach to ensuring that the girls are happy, making the most of the opportunities, preparing well for their examinations and achieving to their best of their ability. We also value close links with parents and maintain regular contact.

Sixth Form at Newcastle High is sociable, lively – we want these final two years at school to be special.