Sophie Breen is an 18 year old student from Jesmond. She received A*s in Psychology and her EPQ, which is an extended project qualification, an A in English Language and a B in Biology. Sophie is going to Durham University to study Psychology as it is something she is really interested in. Sophie said: “The Psychology course at Durham University is really what drew me, I love the fact it is more of a college system as it is a great way to make new friends. Psychology is my passion, I was involved in Social and Emotional Learning at NHSG which meant I was able to help younger students in any struggles they were having, whether that was in academics or socially, so I really want to continue with student welfare at Durham.”

Prefect Sophie, says she will mostly miss having a school structure and coming to lessons every day, but is looking forward to settling into University life and carrying on her passion.

Sophie continued: “I am ready to celebrate now, I am part Italian and spent a month over there this summer to relax, but after today I think all the girls are looking forward to celebrating tonight.”

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