Spanish lessons are approached with gusto by all ages at Chapman House. Below is a snapshot of Spanish learning from Reception to Year 4 by Mrs McElhinney. From Year 5, girls study Spanish weekly at Senior School.
The girls across Junior School continue to amaze me with their zest for learning Spanish. Their infectious enthusiasm, ‘have a go’ attitude and hunger to replicate songs and vocabulary make the Spanish classroom a truly wonderful place to be!
In Reception, we have been learning about ‘ourselves’ and ‘our family’. Girls have chatted, played games, had great fun with puppets as well as singing and dancing their little hearts out! One of our favourite songs is la familia dedo. We are currently making our own finger puppets to accompany the song, so ask your daughter to sing it for you! The most special work to date was making Spanish Mother’s Day cards for all the fantastic Mummies!
Year 1 have excelled in being shopkeepers! We have played some great games and created some silly songs with fruits and vegetables. This then allowed the girls to practise all of their vocabulary by greeting the shopkeeper, asking and thanking her for an item before bidding her ‘adiós’. Some girls were chosen to perform their role-play to the class who then gave praise and feedback as to what they liked and where they could improve.
In Year 2, the girls have been busily learning numbers and colours. This has involved lots of singing, dancing and array of props ranging from fly squatters, magic bags, dice, bingo strips to… you name it! We are currently looking at the geography of Spain and finding out about its major cities. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to plan a Spanish weekend getaway after this!
Year 3 have produced some fantastic work and I am very proud of their efforts. It all started with a Spanish colour song performed in Frozen style! The girls then created a thought shower of their chosen colour researching objects of that colour using a bilingual dictionary. I know adults who struggle when faced with a bilingual dictionary! We are currently using our thought showers to create colour poems which will adorn the wall of the Spanish classroom once they are complete!
Year 4 are busily preparing a play of la oruga muy hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar!) The girls are going to perform this for Nursery and Reception very soon. After learning vocabulary, singing songs, making mini books and role-playing, the girls’ next challenge is to learn their lines with accurate pronunciation and make props! They are very excited about the upcoming performance and we will share photos with you all soon!

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