The whistle blew and this marked the first Newcastle High staff Netball match. Miss Wood scored the first goal for the Green Team and many more followed with the help of Mrs McEvedy. Mrs Hardie and Mr Younger fought back, scoring goals for the Yellow Team. It was an enthralling match and everybody thoroughly enjoyed it.

The teachers got an opportunity to cool off afterwards with a light hearted session of staff sponging. It certainly was a lunchtime to remember!

There was of course a point to this; to raise much needed money for the Labentera Nursery in Kenya, which girls from Year 12 are planning on visiting in the summer. The Nursery currently has no spaces and consequently is having to deny girls a much needed education. We are raising money to help build another classroom at the Nursery to allow more children access to education.

If you would like to donate to help such a worthy cause, you can do so at:

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