Wulfrun Godson is pictured far right 
9A*s 9 for English Language and B for Further Maths
“I did really well and it is such a relief!  I didn’t really know what to expect.  We had heard so much about the changes and how hard it was going to make the exams.  I literally had my fingers crossed.Now with 9A*s, a much sought after new grade 9 and a B in further Maths, Wulfrun is going on to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Dance and Textiles with an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) on the side.

“Dance is what I do most at the moment, both within school and outside with the Phoenix Youth Academy.  This summer I got down to the final audition from over 500 dancers with auditions at Sadler’s Wells.

“I also have had an amazing time at The Place in London on work experience where I met and spoke to Richard Alston and spent time in the costume department at the theatre helping to make costumes for one of the performances.”

Wulfrun is not sure what direction her A Level choices will take her so was keen to get lots of work experience on both sides of her subject divides.  As well as the dance experience she spent time at both the Freeman and RVI Hospitals in the pathology and haematology departments.

“I am focused on covering all bases – I don’t want to lean towards a career without ruling out all options.

“I have a sister who is two years below me at Newcastle High and who is starting GCSEs this September.  We both love the school and are so glad we came.  We wouldn’t/couldn’t go anywhere else, we know we are so lucky especially with Dance, and being able to juggle the Creative Arts with Sciences.  Taking both to A Level, I know juggling will be the right word, especially for the next couple of years.  It is a good job I like to be busy.”

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