“I started at Newcastle High School for Girls aged 3 and left aged 17 in 2015. It supported me through many a school play, friendship up and downs, exams and so much more. Now at Newcastle University, I look back on my education and realise how lucky and fortunate I was to attend a school that has equipped me with skills that exceed university expectations, and ensures that no matter what the situation – I can handle it. Throughout Sixth Form we had various workshops teaching us the importance of networking and professionalism and hosted networking evenings with some of the region’s top employers from all industries. This goes beyond the expectations of a school education, but to me, has been just as important to me as my grades.

The community spirit and sense of family that exists between girls and staff is amazing. As a Vice House Captain I was lucky enough to strengthen friendships across the senior school, but the awareness and bond we all shared for each other existed despite the role I had, no matter what year I was in.

Awarding a student a bursary in some circumstances is a life line enabling them to continue at NHSG. It provides security, allowing them to remain in a family environment which values their contribution to the school community and recognises all they have to offer. Supporting this service is vital as education at NHSG is about so much more than just grades; it sets girls up for life and the confidence that being in such an empowering female community gives, whether it be in school or through the alumnae group, is invaluable.”

Amelia, Alumna