Scholars’ Fund

To recognise girls leaving NHSG and how important they are to our community, we developed a project with our Year 13 girls that will commemorate their time at School and benefit future generations.

The Scholars’ Fund, established with a very generous donation from the Lithgow family, will guarantee a bursary for bright, dedicated girls who come into contact with us through the SHINE programme.

Many of our Sixth Form will have been directly involved with the children from the SHINE project and have a good understanding of the transformative value of a bursary for these children.

Our Art teacher and resident artist, Zoe Robinson, who created our bronze sea-horse sculpture located in the school grounds, has designed an installation in the form of a Perspex chandelier with sea-horse pendants to recognise girls who choose to leave their deposits to support the Scholars’ Fund. Individual donors are acknowledged with their own pendant, engraved with their name and year of leaving. The first tier of the chandelier is now on display in our Senior School Reception.

The Scholars’ Fund effort supports a specific purpose that honours Year 13 girls and enables them to leave a lasting legacy in the shape of a Perspex seahorse bearing their name and the gift of an NHSG education for a bright, talented and hard working girl, regardless of her financial situation.

Many thanks to those of you from the class of 2018 who contributed to the Scholars’ Fund.

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