“I am chuffed!” said Serena Philpott after learning she had gained a full set of grades 7 – 9/ A – A* in her GCSE results today.

“The media have been putting out news constantly about how hard the new GCSEs are and it means that everyone has just got more and more nervous during our exams and in the lead up to our results.

“I didn’t find taking all the exams that bad – it felt like just our normal end of year exams, it wasn’t until they were over that it really hit me how important they are. And the wait has been the killer. I am so pleased that the hard work paid off and that everyone in our Year Group seems happy today.”

Serena will be taking German, Philosophy and History A Levels at NHSG. She explained her choices: “My aunt is Austrian and I lived in Osnabrück in Germany from the age of 2 until I was about 6, so I have always wanted to take up the language and be able to speak it fluently so that I can go back there. I love the country and the language.”

Talking on her choices of Philosophy and History, Serena said: “I really like subjects where there are lots of questions and thinking and History has always been my favourite subject – our whole family loves watching history documentaries at home.”

“I hope to do History at Uni and am thinking about Oxbridge or studying abroad, and maybe after that working in the United Nations or as a Diplomat. I love working with people, having new experiences and hopefully doing something that will make a difference.“

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