We were delighted to welcome alumna Hattie Crisell back into the classroom at NHSG in November. Anticipation was high as a front row guest of Chanel at Paris Fashion week days earlier was about to grace our presence. Of course, our first question was – how did you become acting Fashion Editor of The Times? Hattie explained her journey from where it first began, at Senior School, with her interest in Philosophy.

Just like us, Hattie was encouraged in Sixth Form to pursue what she loved. As a result, she finished her A Levels and studied Philosophy at Edinburgh University. The career path she would follow was unclear after she graduated, however alongside her passion for Philosophy, Hattie had always been a keen writer. A chance to become an intern at Red Magazine was one that Hattie took in her stride and ever since she has been building on her plethora of experience in the industry working for acclaimed fashion magazines such as I-D, The New York Times Magazine and The Cut and interviewing the likes of Emily Weiss, the creator of the cult beauty brand Glossier and many more. Although Hattie is currently Acting Fashion Editor at The Times, it is certain that she will continue to conquer the fashion journalism industry.

Hattie describes herself as shy, and from what we could infer she is extremely modest! Nonetheless her wisdom and experience prove that those who make the best first impressions and are extremely hard working, polite and friendly (coupled with grit and determination in the face of rejection!), are those who will go the furthest in the industry. This was most evident in Hattie’s Paris Fashion Week experience a few years ago which she described as an ‘out of body’ sensation that overcame her as she walked up to a (surprisingly!) unguarded Anna Wintour (Editor in chief of Vogue) to request an interview. Despite her harsh exterior and icy reputation, Wintour accepted the request and although Hattie admits that her on the spot questions weren’t the best, it is certain that there are few journalists who have ever so much as breathed the same air as Anna Wintour.

Hattie talked to us about the huge variety of jobs that can be found in the Fashion Industry and advised us to look at our strengths and interests to help us focus on the area in Fashion that interests us most as a career. I found her to be approachable and inspiring, and her visit helped me and my peer group believe that this could be us one day!

Emily Mair, Year 12

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