History is a hugely popular subject so there are plenty of girls today celebrating their successes at A Level and the chance to pursue their love of History at university.

Caroline Thirwell (pictured centre) achieved a stunning A* in Religious Studies and As in History and English and will be studying History at Edinburgh, and after opening her results declared: “It’s the happiest day of my life!”

Caroline has always loved History as a subject and always wanted to pursue it at university. She will be following in the footsteps of her older brother who also studying History at Edinburgh!

“I was very nervous before opening my results, I didn’t feel that I had done so well and you begin to become more negative the longer you wait for the results, so now I just feel very relieved and I am really looking forward to being in Edinburgh.”

Looking even further ahead Caroline added:  “I am not yet sure what career path I want to follow after my degree, but I like the idea of journalism as an eventual career.”

Also enjoying delving into the past is Imogen Loy (pictured left), from Jesmond, who on gaining two A*s in Geography and Religious Studies and an A in History will be attending university in another historic city, York.

Talking about her extremely impressive results, Imogen was still feeling a little shocked!  “While my teachers said I could achieve these results, I still can’t quite believe it.  I needed three As for my degree course so after checking on UCAS track this morning I knew my place was confirmed but didn’t know my grades.  I am most surprised by my A* in Geography but really happy also with an A* in RS.  History too is great – there was a tricky Russia question in the exam!”

“I originally wanted to take Law but having lived in Paris for two years between the ages of 14 and 16, I was really inspired by the history of the city and when I returned to Newcastle I was further inspired by teachers to take History because I am so passionate about the subject.  I am really interested in early history, the renaissance and the 1900s and I chose York because it is one of the few universities that includes the Roman era in the course.

“The other appeal of York is that I can study another language and have a semester abroad – so I hope to pick up my French language through this.”

Another historian with an outstanding set of results is Rachel Forrest who successfully combined her love of History with the Sciences at A Level, achieving impressive A*s in History and Biology and a B in Chemistry. Rachel will be taking up a place at Leeds University to read History.

We wish our History girls every success in the next stage of their education.


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