Alys Pigott

A in Dance B in Drama and D in English Language

Jessica Carrick

A in Dance, B in Economics, C in psychology

Two dancers, Alys Pigott and Jessica Carrick from Newcastle High have both won places to study Professional Dance and Musical Theatre at the prestigious Laine Dance School in Epsom, Surrey which statistically is harder to get into than Oxford or Cambridge.  Only 35- 40 places are offered to dancers each year from thousands of worldwide applicants.  Jess and Alys both from Newcastle High will be moving to Surrey to start full time dance training in September.

Both girls have been dancing since they were three years old and for Jess getting a place at Laine is a dream come true.

Jess said: “I’ve wanted to go to Laine since I was three years old and I knew it was the right place as soon as I walked in for my audition.  I chose Laine because it felt more like a family and having been at Newcastle High it was so important for me to be part of a wider, supportive community, just like school.

Alys echoed these sentiments, having auditioned and secured places at seven Dance Schools, Alys also chose Laine.

“Not only is Laine one of the top dance schools in the country, it felt familiar and homely and after being part of Newcastle High’s Dance family, I knew this was crucial for me in the next stage of my dance career.”

Miss Bowman, Head of Dance at Newcastle High School for Girls said: “At Newcastle High we have a great pedigree with girls going on to study at some of the top Dance and  Drama schools in the UK and it is great that Alys and Jess are following in their footsteps.

“We’re so proud of these girls and it has been a pleasure and privilege to support them down this career path.  Newcastle High prides itself on helping our girls find their talent and pursue their own path.

“Jessica Carrick was Dance Captain for the School and has been such a great ambassador, performing in all School Dance shows and productions and helping out at workshops for the younger girls in Junior school.  Jess and Alys’ success will leave a strong legacy for girls coming through the school who aspire to be just like them.”

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